Couldn't help myself...

  1. Had a hair appointment today and when I finished up I found myself walking in front of the LV Boutique.

    Now I'm planning on purchasing a Speedy 30 (as some of you might know already - Thanks for the GREAT advice!). But find myself flipping back and forth between Damier and Mini lin. So I decided to wait until I know for sure - and I did stick with that plan too!!

    But then I got caught up in the smaller goods and well.....

    Here's the store bag :heart:
  2. more, more, more!!
  3. can't wait for more pictures
  4. Awwww come on... not another strip tease! Reveal already!!!!

    Lemme guess... Vernis Zippy?
  5. dont make us wait!!!
  6. Okay, I definitely think it is time to see the contents of the bag now.....:heart:

    p.s. sorry for the wait. but it feels like finding them all over again.....
  7. And now for the final pictures...

    I know a lot of people probably have these items, so some might find the pics repetitive in which case I won't delay....

    Started off by admiring the Mini Pochette Damier Azur - ADORABLE!!! And was going to just get that but then the Zippy Mono Coin Pouch caught my eye and I COULD NOT BELIEVE the amount of space in there!!!! I've been looking for something compact yet can hold all my wallet necessities so there you have it!

    Both of them were so cute and screaming "Take me home!!!" How could I refuse???

    P1100237.JPG P1100238.JPG
  8. soo cute, enjoy
  9. love the zippy
  10. Cute items!
  11. yay, cute purchases ... I love both! congrats!
  12. CUTE. i LOVE the zippy coin purse...i want them to make it in every pattern because this is exactly the kind of "wallet" i like. smaller. i don't carry a lot and it's perfect. but i already have a mono wallet so i need to wait to see if they make it in damier, azur, or MC :cry: CONGRATS!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. wow! so nice! congrats on the new purchases! I'm sure both'll look great with the Speedy you plan to buy next! :smile:
  15. Congrats! Enjoy them!