Couldn't get the CVS today

  1. I went in for my genetic counseling and CVS appointment today. I'll be 36 when I deliver, plus I already have a 2-5% risk of fetal heart block due to antibodies from my auto-immune disease, so I definitely want CVS or amnio to rule out other problems.

    I knew it was going to be a little iffy whether they could do it today. I'm 13 weeks today, and they prefer to do it from 10-12 weeks, so there was the possibility they'd say it was too late. When they did the fetal measurement I actually measured 13+4, so I was like, "I have a feeling this isn't going to happen today." However, the doc who was going to do it said that they can actually often do it up to 15 weeks. However, I have a retrograde uterus, meaning that it's in the back, behind my bladder and intestines and such. It's kind of funny, for the two ultrasounds so far they've had to tilt the chair way back so I'm almost upside down to see the uterus/baby. It's supposed to tip forward as the baby grows and gets heavier, but hasn't done that enough yet, so she couldn't get to it. Too many other innards in the way.

    So, turns out I'll have to wait three weeks and get amnio (hopefully will tip forward by then...) I'm a little disappointed, since it would have been nice to get some of the risks crossed off before I have to worry about the heart block. But, mostly, I am just SO HAPPY that I didn't come back early from vacation (came back on Tuesday). I was going to come home a day or two before DH and go in by myself on Monday or Tuesday to try to get as close to 12 weeks as possible. I would have been so peeved if I'd come back early and alone for no reason!
  2. An amnio isnt too bad too...But I can understand the drain of having to wait. All the best to you and praying for you!