could'nt find a kelly so i got the mini

  1. last summer i was in germany and i was thrilled to find a boutique as i was shopping in thier main shopping street.i went in and i asked for a birkin or kelly in croc and the sales woman was kind enough to show me a mini kelly,ofcoure up until then i didnt know they existed, i bought it right away.and here is my baby.
  2. Ash-ash ~ it's devine. I luv it.
  3. That is gorgeous ash-ash :love:
  4. Congratulations, ash-ash! 2 croc bags already! Yeah! :yahoo:

    This is a miel matte niloticus, right?
  5. very lovely!
  6. Love it! :drool:
  7. oh my LORD, that mini kelly is so beautiful but adorable! i want one! :biggrin: congrats ash-ash!
  8. I LOVE the JPG Mini in Croc, :love:, ... this is a beautiful piece. Congratulations!
  9. you guys thanks for your comments it has this sign stamped '' does that meen its nilotcus? its matte but im not sure about the color
  10. wow. that is so cute but so lux and classy! fab. just fab.
  11. soo yummy!
  12. Wow, really gorgeous! :heart:
  13. ::: THUD:::

    Wow. My grail bag... miel croc Kelly. Be still my heart :tender:
  14. :drool::drool::drool:
  15. Yes, the stamp " means it's a niloticus croc. Whereas your birkin is ^ which means it's a porosus croc.

    It's miel, just like your birkin, I think. If you place both your mini kelly and birkin together, the colour should be the same.