Couldn't decide which for my first I got them both!


Mar 9, 2010
I've been lurking around TPF to decide on my first Chanel. My hubby was going London so I got him to buy my first Chanel with very specific instructions with my preferences in terms of style, leather type and hardware.

So, the day he was flying off, he called me with not so good news from the boutique....they didn't have my first choice (m/l lambskin with shw). :cry:

I was down to....m/l lambskin with ghw, m/l cavier with shw (my second choice) they had the chevrons....including a black m/l lambskin with shw!! arggh!

After 5 minutes of tough decision, I called him back to ask him to get me to cavier in shw as I thought it would be the ideal everyday bag....but he kept asking me if that's my final decision since he knows I so preferred the lambskin.

So after some convincing on his part....I decided to get these 2.....