Couldn't Believe I Found THIS at the Outlet!

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  1. I decided to drop by the outlet today to exchange a bag to see if they had anything new. They had a few large bleeker duffles in ink, and rust along with a few bleeker flaps and zips. They also had a lot of Hamptons embossed leather medium carryalls in red and mahogany. It was very crowded since it was the weekend, but I was digging around and couldn't BELIEVE I found this beauty!

    The plum color is so gorgeous in person, and I was looking for a new tote! They also had a large plum ergo hobo and a small one. It's really gorgeous, holds a ton and looks beautiful! :love:

    The SA also said that she couldn't believe how quicky they were getting things from the boutique these days. Alas, I didn't see any more legacy anywhere there...they must have sold out.

    Here are a few pics...:yahoo:
    plumergo1 (Large).JPG plumergo2 (Large).JPG

  2. Hello.

    Can you please tell me how much that was and the item number. If my Outlet has it I will head up there to get it. As always thanks for all your help. best, Liz
  3. Hi Liz,

    It was item 11265, and I believe it was just under $300...

    Good luck finding one! It is really gorgeous!
  4. WOW!!!!! What a GORGEOUS bag!!!! I just bought the ergo belted medium hobo in tobacco leather at my boutique!!!! The SA's said they were shipping the plum color ergos to the outlets, but they didnt know when! I guess NOW!!! LOL I am so glad you got this at such a steal of a deal!!! PLEASE post modelling pics!!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  5. That bag is gorgeous!!! :drool: Modeling pics!!! :yes:
  6. That is a beautiful Ergo and a good price.:drool: I wish I lived near an outlet. I just fell in love with Ergos and I need more.:lol: Congrats!!!
  7. Nice find! I wish I could have gone to the outlets this weekend like I wanted but DH started putting a major guilt trip on me to stay home and then we ended up doing nothing together so I played with the boys to keep my mind off of everything. I wish I could have gotten one of those bleeker flaps. What I would do to have a teleporter!
  8. That bag is a beauty!! WOW!! LUCKY YOU!
  9. WOW!!! What a great find!! Congrats on your wonderful bag!!!
  10. Nice Bag Texas! She is a beauty. I'm wishing I lived closer to where the sales "action" is...I'd be there with you! Love it.
  11. Congrats, she's gorgeous...lucky you!
  12. OMG!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
  13. You lucked out! What an incredible find! That purple is beautiful.........
  14. You lucked out. I was at my outlet yesterday and they didn't have these. I am so envious.
  15. Gorgeous! I just got one of these from JAX a few days ago and am loving it! I'm not near any outlets so I'm not too mad about it being there, but wow you really lucked out. Enjoy!