Couldn't be more confused right now!!! Please vote!!!


What do I get????

  1. Gigi in Clay and Weslyn Boots

  2. Lily in whiskey

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  1. Girls, I need help again…Ughh. I swear I will be so glad when PCE is over!!! I just can't make up my mind…You've all been so great at giving me advice on this before so I promise this will be the end of it!!! (and my items have changed a bit since my last post about what to get).
    I posted a few weeks ago that I had a large merchandise credit to spend during PCE. It's about $700, plus I have a return which will give me another $100 so I'll have $800 in total.
    I go back and forth daily about what to get. Do I get the Gigi in Clay and the Weslyn boots (god I hope they fit over my calves)? Getting both of these would take care of the MC that I have (might have to kick in about $8 or so). Or do I go for Lily in whiskey? If I get Lily I will need to kick in another $135ish (and I was hoping to spend that money on some new Laura Mercier makeup).
    I love all of the these items so much, but there's no way I can get all 3. Here's why I waffle on the Lily. I already have a Mandy in whiskey and the Lily actually reminds me a little bit of my legacy leather satchel (although it's in black) because of the strap that goes over the top of the bag. I have Miranda in bordeaux so the Lily would be my 3rd satchel….but damn it, it's such a gorgeous bag!!! But so is Gigi!! I suppose it doesn't help that I have printed out the enlarged pictures of all 3 and have them on my desk at work!!!
    I think I'm looking to be talked out of the Lily???? Help?????
  2. Are you kidding? LILY! With 25 percent off it should be no contest!!
  3. Ellacoach, I feel you with Lily! I want her as well, but I get stuck on the price tag even with PCE, and I, like you, need to use cash to get other things for fall.....but still "I WANT THAT LILY". Have you seen Lily in person? By the way, I hear that the Weslyn Boots don't have a lot of calve room. All this said, from reading your post...I think its Lily that you love and I'd say go for it. If it doesn't work for you, you can exchange her for Gigi and Weslyn.
  4. Girl. . . Lily all the way.
  5. I'm one that tries to get the most for her money, so I voted Gigi and the boots.
  6. I actually haven't seen any of these in store doesn't have any of them, which doesn't help. Or maybe it would just make it worse!!!
  7. I've seen, touched and held Lily. She is a large and heavy bag if that matters to you. I'm 4'11 and she was quite substantial on me. I still love her though. She's heavier than the Mandy and Legacy Satchel in my opinion. I've seen Gigi in Nordstroms, and she didn't move me. I have not seen the boots, but tried some others they had in the store just to see if they would fit, no go...couldn't even pull them over my calf!

  8. Ohhh kstyle you are swaying me!!!

    I'm 5'8 and I love big bags!! Plus I have Miranda so I'm used to the heaviness. What I love most about Gigi I think is the clay color. But I do like the shape as well. And I am really worried about the boots. I don't have huge thick calves, but I'm not stick thin either, so that worries me.

    Plus I have a feeling that Gigi will be around alot longer than Lily, so perhaps if there is another PCE in december, I could get Gigi then (or with Christmas $$)...

    I wish I could just get all 3!!!
  9. I voted for the Gigi and the boots. I like the Lily better but for the money I think I would have to go for 2 things over 1, and like you said you have things that your feel are already similar.
  10. The Lily's still available? If it's not sold out, get it!
  11. Well after reading your post I think you want the gigi and the boots more... AND you would have leftover money instead of using all of your money that you have left over, and you will have 2 things.. so I vote gigi and boots! :tup:
  12. I showed a picture of Lily to my husband at lunch. It was the picture in the last catalog. He didn't like the bag, he thought it was too busy, and didn't care for it in black, but said maybe he'd like it beter in the whiskey color. I also showed him a pic of Gigi in the catalog, but it was the signature version and I explained to him I'd be getting Clay leather, he said he liked that bag better...(not that his opinion usually sways me...)
  13. Ok, ellacoach, where are we now with your decision?

  14. :confused1: I don't know!!!! :crybaby:

    It seems that alot of people have been getting Lily and then returning as it's not what they are expecting IRL...

    Oh I just don't know!!! :crybaby:
  15. My vote is for Lily!