Could you wear a RED bag for everyday use??

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  1. I may want the Vermillion but can you wear this everyday?? TIA..
  2. I think it depends on your personality and your personal style. I think a bright red bag really pops and makes the neutral outfit. So if you wear lots of white, black, grey, tan, camel, navy - the RED would look gorgeous!
  3. Absolutely!!

    For a while I wore my 04 red First every day--a splash of red always works!!
  4. if you ask me... absolutely...
  5. To a point. I tend to agree with Jadecee that if you wear a lot of neutrals it can work. In fact, I think you can use a red bag in place of black or brown so in some ways, it could be even more versatile. I am not sure about the vermillion though. Isn't that the one with the orangey hues? I am not a big fan of that one. I like the rouge VIF better.
  6. I say yes. I treat red as a neutral color in my wardrobe.
  7. A resounding YES!!!:yes: :love: I have 3 05 Rouges (First, City, Work) and have found them to be very versatile to wear with many colors and I've received many compliments on how "fun" the red is.:wlae:

    Go for it!!
  8. yes! yes! yes! very neutral with clothes or without.........:love: :angel: super fab bal color!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Yes!!
  10. Red is the color I carry most often, and that's not counting my Rouge Vif makeup clutch that I carry EVERY DAY inside that day's bag. Red goes with just about everything, and is a real attention-grabbing color. I think the sight of red makes people happy. It's an instant de-drabber

    I have 4 red Bbags (5 if you count the makeup clutch), and I'm nowhere near done acquiring reds:graucho: :wlae: .
  11. Yes...but for me more in Spring/summer !!!

    In winter, I wear a lot of black...and I don't like black and red on me...
    Just personal taste ;)
  12. Fromparis, would you wear the bordeaux or grenat in winter with your blacks?:graucho:
  13. Thanks Deco..I LOVE your style (from all your pics) What do you think of the Vermillion?? I am a very casual gal..
  14. Definitely. Since I got my rouge vif box I haven't carried anything else, except when I went out to dinner and wanted a smaller bag. I've worn this red with almost every color and it hasn't clashed yet! Just this morning even my sweetie commented on what a cute bag it is. Red rocks!
  15. Yes!:yahoo:

    Tho' I don't have a red bbag, I do have a lobster marc jacobs, and she goes with a pp said, I treat red as a neutral in my wardrobe, which is almost exclusively black with blue and maybe chocolate thrown in once and awhile.

    I have a rouille courrier now, which I love, and will carry often, too.

    It's all in your attitude. If you love it, wear it and POOH on everyone else!:P