Could you wear a fake bag by a designer that you didnt know ?

  1. Hello, this was a question in my mind today. I love Louis Vuitton and know as much as there is to possibly know about it, I also like the odd Gucci and Prada. Most of us have our favourite designer type of bag. As you can see from all the bag threads, some love prada and some love Louis Vuitton etc.

    But here is the question, could you wear a fake bag that you didnt really know alot about the designer ?

    Some people are going to say a fake is a fake (you are totally right) But for people who have never heard of the designer...but you like the bag, would you be bothered ?.

    Here is an example. A Gucci savvy sees a Thomas Wylde bag in a magazine on a celebrity, she I need that bag, she doesnt know how much it retails for etc. and she has never heard of that designer. She goes on Ebay and finds one for $300 and buys it now at that price. When she goes out with her friends and they love her bag. Is it wrong that she bought a fake ?
  2. I think no! I mean a fake is a fake! I think if you don't have the money to buy teh real thing, just buy something else that you love.
  3. I did this for a while, before I knew anything about fashion. I had no idea my bag was a lookalike, but luckily I had a good friend who knew. She didn't care, but she did comment that she liked my bag and it looked 'just like' a bag by MJ.

    It happens to the best of us, but hopefully you learn and move on.

    (now I'm all designer)
  4. The reason I ask this is because a girl in my classes has a Gucci monogram fake but she doesnt even know that its Gucci :wtf: It really is a very ugly bag :crybaby:
  5. I think this happens alot to many people. When you don't do your research and you don't know a lot about a particular brand, it's hard to be able to tell some fakes from the real stuff just by looking at it (especially with all these grade A+++++ fakes)

    If I honestly didn't know what I was carrying was a fake, then I won't be bothered by it. Of course if I found out it was indeed fake, it'll be chucked aside cos I don't believe in carrying them.
  6. UGHHHH... fakes suck...i believe if you can't afford the real thing then don't get a FAKE bag...i see people all the time with fake bags and i find it funny...i would rather save up for it then get a fake and know that when i walk down the street other people can tell i have a fake
  7. I think a person who is Gucci saavy (or designer saavy) would also be aware of the overwhelming presence of fakes on eBay.... So I don't think this would happen as often for this sort of person. (Plus most of the time, prices are listed either on the side of the pictorial or in the back of the magazine, so to pay $300 for a $2000 just-pictured-in-a-magazine new bag is unrealistic.)

    Of course it could happen but I think that person has more moral responsibility than someone who didn't know anything about designers and just went out and purchased a fake bag that she didn't know was fake but loved the design....
  8. Socialite, you have to tell her! If she's not in your social group, just stick a note in her locker or something! Or pass it during class. Do something!

  9. If she doesn't know, then it's not completely unethnical. Part of what makes an action right or wrong is the knowledge that you are doing something wrong. In this case, I think she made an honest mistake. Who knows? It could be a gift that has sentimental value to her....
  10. I should lol, I remeber a girl who was in my classes before (this was like a year and half ago) she asked what I was getting for my Birthday and I said "Hopefully a Louis vuitton Keepall"...she said WTF I said "A louis Vuitton Duffle"...she didnt have a clue what Louis Vuitton was :crybaby:. The next thing I knew...later that year she had an LV fake monogram so I said " thats the LV monogram pattern"...she said "Oh I got this for £5 from Turkey"...I said OK :rolleyes:. People are very uneducted. Today I was talking to a Girl about LV on my High School bus and I said that sometimes I help to authenticate LV on TPF (yes im a very proud member), she said "Oh well, LV is very easy to authenticate"...then she said "If you go on ebay you can get your bags cheaper and you can tell straight off if their authentic because they come with the Authenticity cards"....I thought In my mind "Oh Gosh ! the dreaded cards :wtf:" because LV bags do not come with authenticity cards, these are the fake ones.
  11. Oh Steve, I really think you need to educate her!
  12. Nope, couldn't do it. You don't want ppl to suspect that ALL of your bags are fake do you???
  13. Sorry for my long post I have more to add.

    This month there was a girl who had a fake LV bag in a style that LV dont make, so I nicely went over to her and said "Im sorry to say but your bag is a fake"...she said "Who cares!" I tried to explain about authentic bags but she didnt want to hear...all she kept saying is that it wasnt her problem and that if she bought a fake...she bought a fake and that why should she buy a bag for $700 when she can get the same one for $50. I just tried to help her but I dont bothered trying to educate people anymore :crybaby:
  14. If she started ranting on about the great value of fakes (like our blessed friend Ingrid) I would take a stand! However, unless she does that I would leave her alone as it is probably just an honest mistake.
  15. Like dont get me wrong, two years ago I wouldnt have bought a real bag, I thought that £400 was alot but I would NEVER buy a fake. One day I cracked and was going to buy an LV from Ebay (I didnt even know how to spot a real one) I assumed that if it said Authentic, then it was. I NEVER bought a fake though, thanks to my cousin who said "Steve, If you really want an Louis Vuitton bag, why not save up and buy a real or get one for your birthday instead of buying a fake that you will not want. And why fund counterfeiters, you may not beable to tell the bag is fake, but other people will". At that moment I stopped and thought about what I wanted, I then got a keepall for my birthday and educated myself about Real designer bags and how to tell if an LV bag is authentic or not. I would like to share my story to people who are thinking about buying a fake, and I would like to thank my lovely cousin who made me think about not buying a fake. :flowers: