Could you use a little flattery today? Come on in!

  1. ;) thanks i needed that after today...especially on monday when I go for my job interview!!!
  2. Wasn't that a hoot!?
  3. Thanks for posting that, Swanky! I needed a little pick me up.:biggrin:
  4. Oh, thank you! I've been having kind of a downer week . . . this perked me right up!
  5. :lol: :lol:

    I needed that. Epically after my horrid math final today.:yucky: :yucky:
  6. It's funny but I actually feel better! LOL. Thanks Swanky!
  7. Hey, I do what I can!:shame: :yes:

  8. Actually this was PERFECT timing for a nice boost that I am needing!!! Thanks Swank!
  9. That put a smile on my face!
  10. aw. that was nice.
  11. Aww that is sweet!
    Thank you for making me feel special today =)
  12. That made me cry...:cry:

    I've been having such a bad day (lost $4K), argument with business partner aka BF, and that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me all day... from a computer website. *sigh*

    Thank you though SwankyMama ...
  13. LOL how nice!
  14. I loved it! Swanky you're the best!