Could you tell me where to look for a paddy in Atlanta & Boston

  1. My husband is going to be in both Atlanta and Boston this week and will have some free time to shop. He said he'd go on a paddy hunt if I can point him in the right direction. Do any of these stores sell b.bags as well?
  2. That is soooo sweet!! My DH is starting to travel so I am going to have him start checking out the wares in other cities too :yes:

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with Atlanta or Boston - but good luck and keep up
    posted on his finds!!

  3. In Atlanta, for Paddies, he could try Neiman Marcus or Saks. The Intermix boutique has some Chloe, as does a small boutique called Peoples. There is not so much IRL Balenciaga in Atlanta. Jeffrey/Bob Ellis carries it. Saks, Intermix and Jeffrey are all in one large shopping center. NM is across the street. We keep hoping Nordstron, which is fairly new here, will start carrying Chloe bags, and that NM will carry Balenciaga. No luck so far. Hope this helps! Oh, and in the Boston area, try Greta Luxe (in Wellesley) for both Chloe and Balenciaga.
  4. That is awesome Rollergirl! Thank you so much for your help!
  5. Welcome!