Could you survive a Zombie attack?

  1. I only have a 45% chance :boxing:
  2. Oh no! I only have a 19% chance. I'M DOOMED! :sad:
  3. 75% baby!

    Who wants to roll in my posse???

  4. Me...please! I have only a 42% chance!
  5. 53% .... :cursing: that test is lieing ....

    just because I would take to candy bars, doesn't mean that I can't kick @$$ :graucho:
  6. I got 53%....
    It said "You would do pretty well, maybe killing a zombie or two along the way, but you would end up doing something retarded and be a part of the living dead"
  7. Hmm 54% for me...Damn!
  8. 43% ooh no! i hope no zombies attack my city.. haha i'll be toast.
  9. 55% O.o this was pretty random.
  10. can't open from work =(
  11. Me! I got only 45%.

    (I'll drive the pick-up, you shoot.)
  12. Mine said the same thing - but I got 63%
  13. 52% Im so dead before nightfall.
  14. 50% for me. :push: :sweatdrop: