Could you spend your life with someone whose occupation you did not respect?

  1. As long as it's legal, and they're happy with it, then I've got no problem.

    I know I'd want the same support, so might as well keep it mutual.
  2. Hmm if I hated the job then that'd mean it's really bad..
    cause I wouldn't be fussy over just anything.
    so no I wouldn't spend my life with that person.
  3. No, I probably couldn't. A career is a such a big part of who someone is. A person without life goals is a person I have no interest in being with.

    To clarify - Life goals does not mean high income. If someone's goal is to be a manager at Block Buster then more power to them but if their life goal is to be bagger at the local Piggly Wiggly I don't see myself happily ever after with them.
  4. Of course not. It isn't my place to judge the occupation of the majority of people and I do not. However, for two people to be life partners, their goals and values have to be similar. If someone had goals so drastically different from mine that I couldn't respect their occupation then we wouldn't be a good match to be together for any length of time.
  5. I have to agree with cat - it depends on the career, but for the greater part I think you should be compatible everywhere and if I was so bothered by the job it would be in the way constantly. so really NO, I couldn't
  6. Probably not. A job is so much a part of who you are and what you do with your life that it would be hard to separate a spouse from their work.
  7. No -- a job is a manifestation of your character, in my opinion. This is not to say that everyone in a great job is also a great person -- but they're probably ambitious, driven, dedicated, intelligent, all those important qualities that make a person successful.
  8. Depends what you mean by respect. In terms of salary or ethos?
    I would find it hard to be with someone who did something that I was opposed to ethically. It's part of a partnership to be able to talk about each other's work - could make for some awkward conversations.
  9. Don't flame me but no, I couldn't. Lots of businesses are legal but doesn't mean its OK. Strip clubs are legal but I couldn't imagine being married to a pig that would own one of these. Who gives a crap about the money when it comes from on objectionable business.
  10. i don't think i could just because if he ever wanted to talk about work, i wouldn't want to listen and i think that would lead to arguments.
  11. It would be very hard..
  12. It would be hard but i think i would if i really love him.
  13. No, as the occupation actually shows who the person is. It's not like bad looks etc, it's something we choose volanteerly, it just means I do not have much in common with that person.
  14. It depends- if that is their only choice for occupation and couldn't find another job, and if it is legal, not hurting people, etc. Would you mind telling us what the occupation is? Just out of curiosity? :smile:
  15. ^ ITA