Could you recommend a Chanel that compares to this LV?

  1. I am looking for a chanel in a similar size to the LV vernis lexington.

    I like that I can wear it to a club and dance and such and it doesn't move from under my arm.

    Any suggestions?

    (here's a pic of the lexington for reference)
    8" wide by 4.5" high

  2. erm....flap, small size??
  3. That makes no sense to me LOL

    Is there a Chanel called the 'flap' ??
  4. A flap is one of the styles of Chanel bags - if you look inside the Chanel reference library there's tons of pics of flaps.

    However - are you going to be using it for clubbing? If so - not sure if you'll want to buy a small-sized flap for that...

    Chanel does produce pochettes in various lignes (kinda similar in size to the lexington/pochette accessoire) but none that I can think of off the top of my head comes ine a fun-coloured patent like the lexington. Pochettes come in the cambon ligne and the cotton club ligne. The Chanel pochettes that I've seen tend to be all leather exteriors.

    Hope this kinda helps you find what you're looking for?
  5. Y a- I just looked up 'flap' here and figured it out =) I speak LV so I need to learn 'Chanel'.

    I wouldn't really say 'clubbing' but for evenings out - whern dancing is involved so sort of clubbing.

    Doesn't have to be patent - I just like the size!
    I'll look up all those ideas - thanks =)
  6. Try the pochettes from the cambon and cotton club lines...they're great for clubbing! :yes:
  7. I guess these are more the size of the LV monogram pochettes, but I know I have seen other small Chanel bags. I just don't know of any currently available at Chanel. You might want to call one of the boutiques and you can provide them the measurements of the lexington and see if they can find something similar.



  8. Ohhh .... the third one is super cute!
  9. I like the cambon one. it is really cute. what about the mini flap?
  10. ^^those are all great choices. I also recommend the cotton club pochette. It's similar in size and I saw a couple at my Saks the other day.
  11. I was just about to recommend the symbols pochette and I see its been mentioned. That is similar in many ways to the Lexington as it holds very little, but is very cute and easy to carry (minus the stress of color transfer or vachetta being ruined).