Could you possible regret your buy??

  1. Hi everybody!!!

    I am from Singapore and this is the first forum I join to be a member. I am not a forum person but I really enjoy reading your comments so here I am!!

    Ok now back to main topic. I bought my very first LV, a Damier Triana just 7 months ago. Actually to match my Damier purse:P . Long story short, I regretted my purchase. It is not an ugly bag but I really have problem with the proportion of the bag and me. I am quite a petit person. At 1.58m and small frame. So the Triana kind of look big on me. But the Triana is not supposed to be a "big" bag to start with so it looks funny. It's like when I carry Duomo, instead of a handbag, it looks like a luggage bag...LOL

    I am going to Paris in August and I can expect a handbag shopping frenzy. I am afraid if I didn't feel right with the Triana, with the new fabulous bags I will bring back from Paris, the Triana is just going to be a white elephant (and an expensive one:Push: ). So.. I toy with the thought of selling it, especially when it's still less than a year old (not touting here:smile: ).

    Did anyone out there ever regret buying a LV bag and sell it later. I am just trying to feel better....
  2. hi. i feel your pain. i got the mandara pm and totally regret it. have half-heartedly tried to sell it (since i paid so much for it i don't want to take a huge loss on it). it's a nice bag but just too small for me. i wish i had bought the mm instead. so now it sits in my closet and every now and then when i feel guilty about not using it i'll pull it out and use it for the day or even just half a day and then put it back and use some other bag i like better. hahahah... you're not alone!
  3. Ai Ai Ai! I so regret getting the yellow Onatah GM, it’s a beautiful bag but it’s such a shame that the suede is so delicate. Since its now a limited/seasonal item, I’m gonna keep on display in a glass box for a few years to see if the price go up and sell it.
  4. hmmm... not yet. but maybe someday i'll make a wrong decision, but now, i love everything i bought. :P
  5. I've sometimes felt bad for buying extraordinarily expensive bags when I'm only 19...(think about what may happen to my addiction in a few more yrs??!?!! YIKES lol)...but usually this feeling fades away and soon after, I'm like: "MUST BUY MORE LV BAGS! MUST SAVE MORE MONEY!!! ARRGHHH!" lol
  6. Wow my first thread and I got replies!! U gals are the nicest people in the world!!!

    Moneydog, your story is SO going to be my story if I don't sell it away while it is still young and tender.

    Seashorse...keep the good judgement going

    LV Slut...all the best to u, slog, eat sandwich but don't go into debt ;)
  7. Hey I downloaded my fav Audrey Hepburn and Tiffany&Co pic. How come it is not appearing?
  8. WELCOME Isabel !:flowers: :hrmm: Not yet,maybe because I know what I want/need before I go into the boutique cos impulse buying is always dangerous lol ! LV in Australia is more expensive than the rest of the world (except Japan) mind you:hysteric:.BTW I love Singapore my sis and her family live there now!:yes: Great shopping and good food!:graucho:
  9. :oh: Maybe you should scale down the size of your pics:shrugs:
  10. I hope your pics show up, I :heart: Audrey. Sometimes mistakes grow on you & sometimes you need to let them go to someone who will love them. Maybe a few moe test drives are in order & if you still are unsure you should sell it & move on to a bag you will love.
    Welcome & ....HI!!
  11. Hi Lee69. Nice to meet u too. Glad that you like Singapore. I visited Sydney Nov 2005. Wanted to do Melbourne but Melbourne Cup....u know the story.

    What you are is what I aspire to become. I am trying to refine and define my style. At 32, it's about time... LOL.

    I read the book Entre Nous : A Woman Guide to Finding her Inner French Girl. It seems like the French chicks really know what they are doing. A great read for any Francophile out there.

    Therefore I am going to my Mecca to get some inspirations....
  12. Wow I read that book and love it! Maybe I want to be a Francophile lol ! You Singaporeans are quite stylish yourselves:graucho:
  13. Hi Taco!

    Thanks for the kind and comforting advice. Actually I do think the best thing that comes out of this is the lesson I will learn. And u bet I will remember. To buy a bag, especially an LV, I have to simply adore it. But of course...not overlooking practical to use.

    But sometimes I am on borderline I am looking forward to be VERY sure.
  14. You read that book too!! Nice! Actually I am the only Francophile amongst my friends. Imagine my thrill to vist Paris for the first time.

    Thank you for your kind comments on the style of my countrymen and women. Not to hv false humility but I think there are more of stylish people in cities like NY, Tokyo, Paris and even Sydney.

    But I... strive to be chic....haha...this sounds so un-chic...
  15. I can see how that can happen. I only have 2 LVs and haven't regret buying them so far.