Could you please help me

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  1. With this bag and walet (are they real), I'm interested in it and how much does it really cost?
    0d_3.jpg 5c_3.jpg 5e_3.jpg 6e_3.jpg 08_3.jpg
  2. more pix
    17_3.jpg 20_3.jpg 42_3.jpg 70_3.jpg a1_3.jpg
  3. LV doesn't make the cerise line anymore. the speedy retailed for over $500 and I bet the wallet is almost as much. since those look like they're supposed to be new, they would (if authentic) be worth more than retail since you can't get them now. I can't help you much on authenticity, though...someone else will I'm sure.
  4. thank you
  5. anybody else can help?