Could you nice girls help me out??Please..

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  1. ok, I can't say it's a real problem... but I'm going on a serious purse ban, which will last for a long time (my fiancè and I are looking for a house to buy).
    So I decided to choose my last expensive present for myself, after all my birthday is coming ;)
    But now I'm getting crazy: I can't decide!!! I'd like to buy my first B.bag (also if I adore Chloè).
    Could you help me? I'm 5,4 ft. tall (tall....) usually I don't carry my house in my bag.. just wallet, ipod, mobile phone (now looking for a blackberry) kleenex, lip gloss, car and house keys, a foulard...agenda.. that's it!
    I saw a niiiice Balenciaga first in bordeaux (also if I didn't find the seller very nice :hrmm:) a Balenciaga origan city I really like, and also a bordeaux city (beautyful!)
    I cannot decide!!!! What's your opinion?
  2. I think that a city would work for you the best. What color would work the best in your wardrobe??
  3. Oh, thank you for your answer.
    I like dark red, like burgundy/bordeaux.
    But also dark blue would fit my wardrobe most of the time....
    Origan is also a versatile colour in my opinion.
    Do you think the first is small?
  4. The first could be too small, if you want to carry an agenda in it together with the usual stuff.

    I have grenat which is similar to bordeaux, and find this very versatile.
  5. I'm not familiar with your agenda size, but if it is the same as a Personal size Filofax, it won't fit well in a First. If you can do without it (maybe use the Blackberry instead?) the First will hold your other stuff but still be kinda full, which can be good, too. But if you want to be able to put anything else in while shopping, doing errands, etc then go for the City. And Bordeaux is a gorgeous colour! Let us know what you decide!!:smile:
  6. :idea:Oh ya, check out the thread "What's in your Bbag" to get an idea of what other PFers carry in their bags!
  7. i think the first could just fit all ur stuff but if u wanna be on the safe side then u should go with the city, it'll give you some nice extra room :smile:
  8. :cutesy:
    Thank you!! Yes... I think you're right... if I'm looking for the last-for-a-very-long-time bag, it should be the most versatile and probably the city could show her advantages in the future. My doubt is just that I'm not a tall person, so I could be a bit ridiculous with a big bag, I don't know.
    Another problem is that I found nice ones, but very often in the US and very often US seller prefer not to ship outside US... Maybe I should just wait for the sales and go to a Bal. shop in Italy?
    Yes, I saw the thread about what your b.bag fits... it's unbelievable!! :shocked: Having extra room is risk to use it!
  9. From all your stuffs listed above, I would suggest you consider a CITY. I'm as the same size as you, 5" 5", and I don't think CITY is too big at all. The First is cute but if you want to put all your stuffs in it, you might have to arrange them properly inside. I use city and think it's a very versatile style.

    As for the colour that you mentioned about dark blue, you might want to see how the Blue Glacier looks IRL! It's some kind of smoky blue, not too bright and not too dark... really gorgeous and you can't go wrong with this blue colour :yes:
  10. City isn't as big as you think.
  11. I don't think the City is too big at all. :nogood: Just for reference of color and size, here is my bordeaux City on my daughter. She is 5' 1" and is only holding this for photos!!!! She will get her own when she gets a JOB!!! :yes:

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  12. Yes, I think a City sounds perfect for you. What about the new Sandstone, Bleu Glacier or perhaps wait for Violet in September...Actually all the collection colours are great!
  13. Purse-Ooooh, you're right: it's good to educate teen-agers to be budget aware. Meanwhile she's a lucky girl: I think sometimes you'll let her use your gorgeous bag :drool:
    KDC and NY Doll, also the colours you named would be perfect for me (sandstone and blue glacier), but I think they're harder to find on Ebay, which is the easiest way for me to find the bag, without the need to take my car and go bargain-hunting during the sales period! :hysteric:

    Anyway, I thank you all: you've been very kind and helpful, in the PF tradition! And I'm starting the hunt for my city! :search:
  14. Purse-Ooooh,your daughter is rockin' that City! :tup: She looks like she is modeling for a edgy fashion magazine. I think it's fantastic that you are teaching her the value of saving up for a reward (and bbags are just that, rewards!).

    I think the City is a perfect size. My first bbag was a classique and it ended up being too small for me (I carry makeup bag, wallet, ipod, cell phone).
  15. The first of her many modeling jobs to come!! (LOVE that bag btw!!!) :heart: