Could you help me with my second birkin

  1. Hi ladies, I am a newbie here. I have 32 gold kelly in VL, 31 raisin bolide in epsom, and 30 etoupe birkin in clemence. I was offered for a SO for my second birkin. I would love to have either 35 birkin or 32 HAC. And I can't make decision on the color. I am debating with indigo, rouge H, and blue jeans. Could you please help me with my decisions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

    And BTW, what's the differnece between So and PO. Thank you all
  2. Hum, raisin, rouge H and blue jean are my three favourite colours... I would personally go for anything in rouge H.

    I've seen indigo IRL and haven't been that happy with it, but that's just me...
  3. Birkin123, thank you. What leather do you recomemd for rouge H? If I could not order box?
  4. I'd go for either Rouge H in either clemence or box (GH) or Indigo in CDC, fjord or togo (PH). Both would look divine in either a 35cm Birkin or 32cm HAC.

    Podium orders are done twice a year. And a special order is described as something not offered at podium, but Hermes has agreed to make per customer's specifications.

    Congrats on your new priviledge. I'm sure whatever you order will be perfect!
  5. Agree with hermes_lemming - would go for rouge H in clemance or box. In clemance, my fave hardware is ph and gold for box. Very classic/timeless!
  6. For me BJ :smile:
  7. Since so far you have dealt in neutrals, how about a little colour this time?
    A beautiful bag that I have admired belongs to a member on this forum: it's a 32 HAC in blue jean, with indigo handles and straps. It's gorgeous.
  8. IMHO, there is nothing more beautiful than Rouge H Box, that being said, my SO (from Feb. 2006) for Rouge H Box was just cancelled, so it would be a good idea to have a back up plan.
  9. Piggy backing on Hello's idea, how about a BJ/Indigo combination?

    Blue Jean with Indigo Piping and lining or vice versa?
    In togo...Palladium hardware.
  10. I think rouge H would work very well with your 'family' and would suit either hardware, gold or silver. It looks gorgeous in VL leather and would give you a bit of contrast to your other Birkin, more structure and rigidity plus the VL would be a bit lighter than clemence, togo etc which might be more practical in the 35cm size.
  11. I agree that since you already have the neutrals covered, the BJ would be a great choice. For some variety as well, a 32 HAC might be particularly nice for you: with or without the Indigo contrast and piping, it would round out your collection nicely.
  12. Ladies, thank you all for your replies. You are so wonderful