Could you help me decide??

  1. Hi guys! i thought you can try and help me decide in which bag i should get?

    After selling a paddington, clothes, shoes...etc and along with xmas money i can afford one more balenciaga until next i want one that i wont regret it.

    Im really loving the giant hardwares so im stuck between ... the pine green city with gold hardware and black city with gold or maybe silver hardware.

    so which one in your opinion is better? i seen some pics of the black with gold hardware and it looks great. i can see myself using it everyday for work etc but i worry its just a "black" bag and not enough colour. while i love the pine green colour, i worry that its too green for me...but the gold and green really works together. i feel that it maybe a wee bit dressy if you know what i mean.

    Has anybody got any pics of the pine green with giant hardware preferably broken into? i cant seem to find many pics of the pine green.

    I got a violet twiggy so do you think i need a classic colour to balance it out for just now? i wish i had the money to buy both so i dont have this problem :p
  2. I would go with black city in gold or silver, both gorgeous. there is a pine city with giant hardware on eBay, check pics out there.
  3. I would go with the black city too. Especially since you're going with GH, that will really make it stand out and it definitely won't look like a plain old black bag. I once saw a black GGH city being carried in real life, and although I'm not a GH fan, it was really eye-catching and gorgeous! I couldn't help but stare. :smile:
  4. pekie > are you considering Pine as the only green shade? have you seen the pics of the new 08 colour Vert Thyme in both SGH and GGH? considering i'm not a fan of both green and GH, i must say they're quite gorgeous and would actually consider the colour and GH in another style.
  5. No i havent seen the vert thyme 08 but i will have a search through the still not sure about green. never really had a green bag before! i guess i worry whether i will love in a few months i get it after i bought it! i should really maybe save up just now and wait for the 08 bags to come out..argh!!
  6. i love the black with GSH it's look so SMART !:tup:
  7. my :heart: belongs to the black city :okay:
  8. I just bought a black city with GGH so of course that is my pick!

    The silver hardware looks great with the black too.
  9. I would suggest to save and wait for the Spring 08 colors.
    There are so many gorgeous colors coming out.
    But if you really want the Pine in Gh, i saw the Pine City in Silver Gh, and its gorgeous! But it may not be a bag you'll wear daily. Its very festive looking imo.
    I think Black GGH city should be available every season, correct me if i'm wrong.

  10. thats it! thanks shopboy for pointing that out. theres something been kinda bugging me about the pine colour and i know now its reminds me of the festive season...dont know i keep thinking that it might not be what i want..especially with the gold and the green. its gorgues but i think in reality of it all its not me! especially with the amount of money you spent guess you want to be hundred percent sure

    but im loving the vert thyme with silver gh! its a really neutral colour! i think i came to a going to go for the black GGH city...its classic and i can see myself switching between violet and that until next summer. hopefully then i will have money for the verty thyme... i wish i never love bags..such a bad addiction :p
  11. I always feel like a Rock star carrying my Black Work with GGH! Definately not plain and goes with everything! She's my favorite!
  12. sounds like everyone is mulling towards the black GGH..

    what do you guys think of the tabac GGH?
    i probably will end up getting the black one...are they a wee bit heavier compared to the normal ones? not too heavy like paddington heavy is it?
  13. Tabac is gorgeous. May be the bag that I get when my ban is over ;)