Could you help get my 07 list ready...please

  1. I am trying to compose my 07 list and I am debating on several colors and styles.:drool:


    So I would love to get one brownish all day bag that I can beat up and keep for years.

    I was wondering about the day, I like the shape of it but is it practical for a mum of three who has usually her hands full?
    Or should I rather get a city again ?

    colors for this one:

    truffe, argile, café...?


    I want to get a vert d'eau in either twiggy or city ?


    I really would like a naturel but I have a 9 month old is this pure madness?

    I am happy for any help or suggestions.
  2. hi catcat!!!! I'd say that the day is great because it leaves your hands free, so I'd vote for a truffle day!!!
    the vert d' eau i'd recommend in the city style, the twiggy can be fussy sometimes IMO, especially for a busy mom!
    and naturel seems to be a great color, I think because of the color and the fact that you have 3 kids, get it in a smaller style (eg first) so that you can wear it when you go out with friends, not as an every day bag! Also, I love the smaller styles in pale colors!!!!
  3. Catcat-You'll definitely need a shoulder bag with three kids, go for the day in cafe!

    I like the twiggy better than the city (it's the barrel shape)!

    Natural and the kids...stick to a first if you think that one of them might get a hold to it.
    I hope this helps you come to a decision!
  4. I agree with the above. Personally I'm not a twiggy fan, I think the City fits a bit more and is so much more comfortable. And the First is a great bag, I know you've said it's too small for you, but I thought it was too small for the longest time and eventually realized that it's a great size, just for a different occasion - like when you go out with adults.
  5. Unitl your child is older, I would probably stay away from the lighter colors. They are not easy to clean and can pick up stains easily from the slightest wear. However, I think the day bag is a great idea - it holds tons and fits easily over the shoulder. You may want to invest in one of those purse lights as it is quite deep.
  6. The only thing about the Day is that you have to dig around a lot to find things. I'm liking the Part Time style because it is easy to find things and it is quite roomy (although I wish it was a bit deeper!).
  7. Thanks for the comments, I think a brownish day sounds great but again will I not be dissapointed when I compare it to my city hmmm!
  8. Can you try a day on before you decide to buy? I would be worried about buying it and then not wearing it because I liked another bag more.

    If I had to choose for you I would pick the day in Truffle.

    The vert d'eau in a city since you love that style and it looks like it is going to be popular. That way if it doesn't work out it would sell fast on ebay.

    As for the Natural I say if you love it get it but I would keep it away from the kids. That would be my Mommy alone bag and I would only use it when I was going out without the kids.
  9. I love the Day - it's perfect for a hands-free, everyday bag and I personally love the way it looks. Also a plus - you don't see nearly as many knock-offs of this style.
  10. I would go for the City in a darker color. The Day can bite into your shoulder if you put a lot in it. I sold both of my Days for exactly that reason. Plus it's deep and I was always digging for things way down in it. I think the City is perfect. It's big, but not too big. I love the outside and inside zippper pockets and the strap is very comfortable. I also love the Twiggy. The First is really pretty, but too small for me to use as aneveryday bag.
    I don't like any that have no shoulder strap. I cannot deal with dark handles. :P

  11. Thanks powderpuff...

    right now I'm thinking:

    vert d'eau city

    naturel ? ( I really think the first is too small)

    and...brown , truffe or argile ? day to change a little or city to be shure ???

    Have gotten a little further but not there yet.:lol:
  12. I was first on the list for naturel. That one is going to be very popular. Argyle comes out later but I want that one too. I am on the fence with verte d 'eau since I'm not a huge seafoam fan. I know I am in the minority here, and it is a pretty color but I wouldn't pay big bucks for a *used but in great condition* seafoam like I would a caramel or rose. I heard the verte d'eau is not like seafoam but more like a darker pistachio. I am waiting to see what the actual color is. I don't like any of the new blues. So I guess it will be a neutral spring season for me. The vermillion caught my eye, so we will see.
    Get on the list for ones that you are pretty sure that you want, you can always decline if you don't like them when they come in. ;)
  13. I think you could go for
    - With a Day in brownish colour (personnaly I love Truffle), you can't get wrong. I'm also a City fan, but I love the Day just after !!!

    - A city : vert d'eau is beautiful (but maybe too light for my taste)

    Did you consider the 07 Blues : Bleu Glacier (periwinckle I want one !!!) or Cobalt ??? I also think Bleu de France could be amazing in real !!!
  14. Hmmmmm, it really sounds as I would have to get a truffe. :idea: I would love to see a day and city side by side but I don't think that will be manageable...

    I really like the bleu glacier but would love to see it IRL first. I don't like the cobalt too much neither did I like blue india. It just doesn't go with my
    Bleu de France is a maybe but I think I prefer to get warmer/softer tones.

    What vert d'eau is concerned I think I will have to see it IRL as well.
    I'm not a big fan of greens but this one could be really nice. I have an emerald city but it still has it's tags since it really isn't me even if the color is very beautiful.

    powderpuff when is argile due...?
  15. catcat:
    (we are shopping for the same things . . . lv wallet . . .:amuse:)
    I also am interested in getting a day in a brown neutral color and don't want to worry about it getting dirty (kids also). I am thinking the cafe sounds good. I saw the truffle IRL and just wasn't crazy about the color. Plus, the truffle will be available in the spring, so we could wait and check out the cafe.

    If you are interested in seeing a pix of a truffle day, pm me your email address, I can forward a pic that BalNY sent to me.