could you guys keep your eyes open for this bag?

  1. [​IMG]
    i saw keykey36's version of this in the 'your MJ bags' thread (this is her pic), and also saw another member's version in looks like a sophia, but with quilting and a chain handle. i haven't seen this in the recent it still made? i am in L-O-V-E! if anyone spots one that's auth anywhere, i'd SO appreciate your letting me know! esp. if it's in petrol :smile:

    thanks all!
  2. Quilted CAMMIE in Hazelnut from Resort 2005. It was made in Petrol (along with Taupe, Bordeaux, etc) in Fall 05.

    Cammie, Sophia, Stella, Blake, Venetia, Multipockets are known as Soft Calf Classics Collection (made every season in various colors; Cammie, Sophia, and Stella have been discontinued. In Fall 05, these styles (except for Sophia) debuted in quilted leather; Cammie, Stella, and Multipockets had chain handles/straps.
  3. bag.lover, i swear, you are the encylopedia brittanica of's amazing! thanks so least i know the name to search for now. since you know all, how big is the cammie? about the same size as the sophia, or is it smaller?

    now all i need is for you to find me one in petrol that's auth ;)
  4. the cammie is the smaller version of the Stella I believe

    Measurements = 9' W x 6' H x 2' D

    It's a cute everyday bag if you don't carry a ton of stuff
  5. Cammie was also made for Quilted Denim line in Resort 05, this version measures 8 x 2 x 5". Yes, it is smaller than Sophia and Stella (biggest).

    Below is the picture (from MJ store's look book for Resort 05) of Quilted Denim Cammie in Nude:
  6. I see them on ebay once in a while, if another pops up I will let you know!
  7. I found Fall 05's Petrol Quilted Cammie for you!!! =)
    It's available in both Nappa (baby-butt soft) and Icy (some sheen) leather, the price is $795USD. MJ store in LA still have 1 of each, they are currently on hold under my name. Call 323-653-5100 & ask for Stella.

    The store will be closing at 7PM tonight. Stella's off tomorrow, she'll be back in the store on Thursday. If you need to contact her via e-mail, let me know via PM.

    Good luck. =)