Could you guys help me on this?

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  1. I just receive a medium caviar Chanel classic bag with flap. It is my first Chanel! :P

    But I have a question about it. What kind of stuff usually comes with the bag, like any information card or brochure? I ordered it over the phone so I don't know what it is supposed to be. My bag only has a certification card and a very small piece of wipe cloth inside. :sad: There is nothing that states what kind of bag this is and what its material is and no information about how to take care of it. Is it normal? :sweatdrop: What did you guys receive besides the gorgeous bag? Thanks a lot!
  2. With new bags, you would usually expect to receive a black Chanel box, white chanel lining paper inside the box, and then a black dustbag holding the bag, and as you described, a little white fabric square that is usually tucked into the inside long pocket.

    Inside should be an authenticity card (black, credit card size, with your individual number on -which will match the hologram inside your bag, and a small square matt black chanel envelope that folds out as a care card. Some (not all) have the white lint square which protects the clasp and flap of the bag)

    On the outside of the box would be the style of bag that you received and a code number.

    Who did you order from?

    congrats on your first Chanel bag!!!
  3. I just checked it one more time. I did find a square black envelope and there are three pieces inside. One is a paper card and written in French. The other two are some kind of transparent material and written in Japanese and English.

    There is no "white chanel lining paper" inside the box. A small sticker with a 8 digit number is on the side of the box. It is 12078161. What does it mean?

    I ordered from Nordstrom.
  4. Well then it does sound like you have everything you should, which is good. The chanel white paper wouldnt necessarily come with one that is not coming from the Chanel boutique, but if you have the box, the card, the envelope and the dustbag, I imagine you must be very happy :smile: