Could you describe pregnancy nausea and how it's different?

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  1. I was nauseous the whole pregnancy. I think the prenatal vitamins contributed.
  2. Like some of the other answers here, I agree that mine was different from food poisoning nausea. It felt a lot like nausea from motion sickness.
  3. As mentioned, I think it is really different for everyone and I really envy those that did not have it at all.
    I was vomiting 6 - 8 times straight during the day at work. I go to work, vomit in the bathroom then back at my desk to do a bit of work and then back to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom so much everyone knew I was pregnant before I announced it at 12 weeks. There was no tummy pain just severe nausea initially a lot of gagging and then severe vomiting. Mine lasted from week 7 to week 15-16. It was utter hell for me and one of the reasons why I am reluctant to get pregnant again. I drank a lot of ginger tea and snacking helped a lot. It was odd but I felt fine while I am eating and then once I stopped eating I would vomit so needless to say, I was constantly eating at my desk. BTW - even though it is called "morning" sickness this is not always true. I got sick all times of the day even middle of the night.
  4. Mine was so bad I nearly got hospitalized because I wouldn’t gain weight, then I gained a lot because I would eat whatever stayed in my stomach. It also lasted for 7 months, from the moment I woke up to the moment I closed my eyes. I was working and stuying at the time and had to hide it from everybody (obviously failed). But then I had a healthy pregnancy otherwise and a dream child!
  5. If you get motion sickness, you are more likely to have it. I have never had any motion sickness and at most, mine was very mild. Just came in waves. It was over by 8 weeks.
  6. Felt like motion sickness to me
  7. I’m going through it currently....again. I was throwing up at least 4-5 times a day until week 16 or 17 - triggered by dizzyness, certain smells, certain foods, certain actions by other people, you name it. Then I was fine for a few weeks in my 2nd trimester then it started back up again when I started my 3rd trimester so I’m back to losing weight instead of gaining.
  8. could eating tasteless food help you? like cracker etc?
    Some people feel better/ less sick when they eat bits
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  9. Nope. I throw up cereal, crackers, etc. It’s very random and I can’t predict it.
  10. I agree with everyone’s postings, that it is unique to the person and the pregnancy. I have severe GERD, Bleeding/Gastric ulcers,IBS D and severe food allergies. The nausea from my pregnancy was unlike the nausea that I was used too. I was nauseous throughout the entire 9 months and worked with a nutritionist as I could only tolerate ice cold vanilla ensure. I drank 7 bottles a day and lost almost 6O lbs during my pregnancy. I worked throughout by pregnancy- throwing up in the trash can by my desk as there was no way that I could make it to a bathroom in time. My daughter was born at 37 weeks at 6 lbs and 9 oz. via c-section. She is the love of my life and my only child....God bless everyone who gone through a pregnancy as it is the truly “the best of times/worse of times”!
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  11. It lasts off and on all day long, and foods you previously loved will make you queasy. Vomiting here and there, as well as strange burps.
  12. Had you ever had a really bad hangover? I'm not talking about the ones where you eat some grease in the morning and feel better. I'm talking about a REALLY BAD hangover when you might've partied till 5am and threw up multiple times, type of hangover.

    Well, it feels like that PLUS being seasick for me, 24 hours a day. For 6 months. GAHHH... That was me for baby#1. Let's hope #2 isn't so bad.
  13. Began to feel different smells more strongly. Moreover, the smell of good perfume could cause nausea. Habitual food has ceased to like. Even the intense coloring of clothes irritated.
  14. I just feel like I constantly want to throw up mine gets worse in the evening.. Let's just say I'm up going to the restroom three times a night
  15. I just feel like I constantly want to throw up mine gets worse in the evening.. Let's just say I'm up going to the restroom three times a night. The worst part is plain water and my stomach don't agree right now