Could you describe pregnancy nausea and how it's different?

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  1. Can you describe to me how pregnancy nausea/ morning sickness is different from nausea you feel during a stomach virus/ food poisoning/ other stomach issues like IBS?

    Do you wake up with it and is it near constant or does it come and go sort of like nausea you'd feel on a period? does it get better with eating or worse? do you feel like you have bricks sitting in your stomach?

    I know it's kind of a weird question, but thanks!
  2. Mine came and went throughout the day. Didn't seem to be any triggers, and it was more intense in the afternoon. It was completely different than flu/cold nausea.
  3. Mine was literally all day, every day for four months and only subsided (slightly) when I managed to sleep at night. It was very intense and I was mostly bed-bound by it - one of the main reasons why I am nervous about attempting another pregnancy as I now have a nearly two year old to look after and can't just stay in bed if it happens again! Absolutely no comparison to flu nausea.
  4. I can't describe it because not every pregnancy comes with nausea/morning sickness. I didn't have it with either of mine.

    I suspect you'll find everyone has different descriptions.
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  5. Yes, every pregnancy is different. Mine was random and also triggered by certain smells (even foods I previously liked). Luckily it ended by month 4. I have tremendous sympathy for moms who have severe and long-lasting sickness.
  6. Mine would come and go but was much more of an all day thing. Doesn't feel like the flu at all, feels like a nagging nauseous feeling that you can't shake. Smells definitely triggered it and different foods did for me as well. Only thing that helped for me was actively eating... not having a full stomach, not having eaten, but actively chewing on food (and only carbs ha!).
  7. With my first two pregnancies I would not be able to keep down most food. I was on very limited diets (with my son Greek Yogurt and fruit and with my daughter I ate a lot of vegetables). However with my current pregnancy I was not able to keep down any fluids (most food ( with exception of high liquid foods such as melon or grapes) went down fine.
  8. For me, with stomach viruses and digestive issues there was no question that I felt awful. I would have chills and sound like a creaky boat rotting away at sea.

    Morning sickness however would hit me like a runaway vehicle out of nowhere. I'd be fine one second and pulling my shirt up to vomit in it the next. It would happen after taking a sip of water, or just getting up from sitting down, or if I turned too fast. It died down in the middle of my second trimester, but in the third, I gagged taking my prenatal vitamins or brushing my teeth. None of this happened with my first kiddo, just the second.
  9. Different for everyone. I didn't get it, really. What I did get was a weird feeling in my stomach that made me not want to eat. wasn't nauseous, but wasn't full....I just didn't want to eat the whole first tri.
  10. For me it felt like a stomach flu that never ended, thankfully it did after 20 weeks. At least with the stomach flu I feel better after throwing up. With morning sickness it was all day and night nausea with certain triggers that made it worse. I had it for both pregnancies but the triggers were different. The only thing that made it better was freezing cold icy drinks. Well worth it in the end but it was not fun.
  11. to me it is like motion sickness. its like always there in your throat.

    I really can recommend "sea bands". they are acupuncture wrist bands.
    they really work once they are in the right position.
    the only downside is, I still vomit but now I never know when it happens. like it doesnt announce 15 minutes earlier now.

    it is not triggered from any smell etc. its more like thoughts. the thought of some food make it worse or baddest
  12. With my other 2 pregnancies, it was actual sickness in the morning. With my current twin pregnancy, plus me being 11 years older, certain smells would trigger my nausea. Also, brushing my teeth in the first trimester was AWFUL- I usually had to brush 3 times, because I'd keep getting sick.
  13. This is my first pregnancy and I was sick all day and all night for 15.5 weeks. I would throw up at least once a day. Nothing taste good and I had the metallic taste in my month. I was miserable. I'm 21weeks now and I had a bout with "morning sickness" last week. Which resulted in me throwing up and blacking out in the bathroom. It was rough.
  14. I recommend a few sips of beer for the morning sickness :smile:
  15. For me.. pregnancy nausea is comparable to the nausea with bad food poisoning minus the convulsive vomiting. Milder days, it's like motion sickness. Plenty of retching. Near constant once it hits around five/six weeks. Had it on/off into second/third trimester. Deep uneasy, uncomfortable and sometimes burning (even painful) sensation that's threatening to come up the oesophagus.
    Snacking can help.