Could you be on the lookout, please....

  1. I don't know why I have just now thought of this, but it just hit me :noggin: that this may be the right place to ask for a little help!!
    I am not a big perfume fan, as most of it gives me a HUGE headache, but about 4 years ago, I stumbled across a boutique brand of perfume called Izzy Sayan. They make the most glorious scent called Kumquat, and I became an addict!! Well, wouldn't you know it, but shortly thereafter....the company went under, and now it is almost impossible to find. In three years...I have bought 4 bottles on eBay....but they are very few and far between, and I am in the process of stockpiling!!!! If any of you see this perfume at a store near you, or ever happen upon it....could you contact me I am always on the lookout!!!!:smile: Thanks !!!
  2. Oh, I love Izzy Sayan! I purchased a coupe bottles online from someone before. I bought one small bottle of the sweet Rhubarb one(smells so good) and I think I bought a bottle of the Kumquat, too. What does it smell like? I'll check to see if I have it. I never used it. I just bought it because I liked the name--my friends used to call me that because I never heard of the fruit before and they thought it was hysterical that I didn;t know what it was so they gave me that nickname. lol. Anyhoo, sorry for rambling. lol. Does it smell really good? I might have to take it out of my storage(I keep the fragrances I collect and not use in the cool dark/storage part of the house).
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