Could you be happy/content with ONLY 7 bags?!

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  1. Any 7 but ONLY 7 bags not counting luggage or accessories?? I have a friend who is a real bag-lover but she has this seven bags only philosophy? I think I could!
  2. I dont think I could :shame: Over the past few months my addiction has gotten pretty horrendous. I hope this is just a phase!
  3. Yeah, I could. I really use the same four bags all the time anyway, and the rest are totes that I use as needed.
  4. hmmmm i always stick to 12. 7 seems to little. 12 seems good. one a month. 3 for each of the seasons!
  5. hmmmm. Nope. Don't think I could. I like having a large variety of bags to choose from.
  6. Not just no, but hell no! :biggrin:
  7. What she said. LOL

    Maybe 7 per season....or more likely, per month....but only 7 forever more? Absurd.
  8. If I really really had no choice, and the seven bags were FABULOUS, yes. But realistically, NO WAY!!
  9. no i dont think i could........ that would almost kill me.. lol lol.. i own over 50 slacks.. then just 7 bags?????????? as my bf will say, "when the pigs start flying... that's when that will happen..." lol lol

  10. Same here!

    7 per month is is 7 per week. :smile:
  11. I'm fine with 7 bags. I can't afford any more than that anyways. Besides, I carry a lot of the same bags often. When I buy one, I make sure it'll be versatile. That's why I buy bags that are more timeless and classic as opposed to trendy items.
  12. The same 7 bags for the rest of my life? NO!
    But only 7 at a time, yes! I sometimes find it so hard to decide which bag I should carry, less bags would make this decision way easier :amuse:
  13. I definetly couldnt be content with 7 bags. There is always a new bag that I want to get.
  14. I do just have 7 bags right now because I just started to get into bags beginning of this year. I actually don#t know alraeyd how give everyone the attention they deserve but honestly I'm working very hard on it to extend my collection and i hope that I'll have 10 by the end of the year ( my planned bags: Balenciaga purse in oxblood, LV epi speedy in red 25, Damier Marais). I guess with 10-12 bags I will put up the rule if another one comes one has to go rule so that I have enough space fo every bag and enough time. Hope I can stick to it.
  15. I'm probably in the minority here but absolutely! With the right 7 ;) I'm constantly buying & selling bags to find my perfect collection. Right now I have 2 LV's, 2 Balenciagas, 1 Chloe & a Lauren Merkin bag. This is the smallest my collection has ever been though. I recently sold several bags because I'm wanting to get a few new ones.. When I can't use all my bags on a regular basis, I feel guilty about having them (kinda money down the drain if a bag sits untouched on a shelf collecting dust!) Usually my collection hovers around 12-15 bags though.
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