Could you authenticate this Kooba?

  1. I recently purchased this bag on eBay. (I know, bad idea.) I had been watching the same one on and when I finally went to purchase one, it had sold out.

    I found this purse on eBay, thinking the price was similar (about $75 off). There is nowhere in my area in which to authenticate a bag. Is there somewhere I could send it?

    I've checked everything on this bag that I have found on other sites. It has the brown string on the tag. It's a folded tag pierced in the corner. The inner zip Kooba pull is only printed on one side, the zipper is thicker on the end than where it is connected.

    The leather is uneven. (There are very smooth spots on the front underneath the braiding. Most of the back and bottoms are bumpy) The leather is soft, but hard and not "droopy."

    I'm not entirely sure what to do. As much as I love my Kooba, I'm feeling guilty about the money I spent, and would like to repost it. But I don't want to if it isn't authentic.




    What pictures would you need to see to check its authentication?

    Thank you so much!
  2. What is the eBay item number?
  3. I believe. I took my own pictures because his were less than great.

  4. it looks right to me,,,i mean i have a ginger and nothing looks wrong to me,,, maybe post it up in the deals and steals section there s posting called kooba sample sale

    a whole bunch of us bought gingers this week and so maybe one of the other girls on there who bought one can be if more help?

    but to me it looks real i mean i dont see anything that screams not real,,
  5. The handbag in the photos you took looks ok.
    I wanted to item number to research the seller.

    Looks ok.

    She only has 21 feedback but has been on ebay for a while. I also checked her completed listings, and doesn't sell many handbags.

    I think you are ok.
  6. It looks 100% real.....
  7. looks authentic to me.