Could use your POV's on Amazon Asher~

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  1. Alright ladies, I could use your input. I ordered an Asher satchel off of amazon a while back. Got it at a pretty good price (I think). So, it showed up and it has some dirt marks on bottom corners, a few flecks here and there. It is still in all of it's wrapping etc. I am kind of a particular person, and something is just nagging at me here. I hate to be the person who actually breaks in a bag! I am used to buying them gently used I guess. So, I was expecting a NWT one to show up in a little better condition. Also, it is the untreated leather, so would anything take it off, or how do I protect it? I love it, but do I keep it? Have you guys had similar experiences? I think it is unlikely that I will be able to get the same price, as they seem to fluctuate almost daily. If I did send it back and order another, would I most likely get one in similar condition anyways? Could use your input here, I am driving myself nuts with this one! Thanks in advance!!
  2. Will you post pics?

    I don't know that I would be content with the dirty bottom corners... but you think it's brand new, never carried? If it looks and feels brand new then I might work with it. If you do try and clean the corners, test a tiny, hidden area first.
  3. I tried to take some pics of details, I hope it worked! It definitely feels new to me, It feels like it needs to be broken in yet. I just can't tell if it is worse in my head than it really is or not, lol!

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  4. I really can't see much from the pics. If it still has the factory wrapping intact and feels brand new, I'd bet that it was tossed around in some warehouse. I'd keep it and enjoy it. It's gorgeous!
  5. I can see a bit of rubbing on the corner, but the rest of it - I think that's just the way that leather is supposed to look. Treesje has been doing crinkled, non-uniform leathers for a couple of seasons now. It takes some getting used to, but it does break in beautifully.
  6. I can see a tiny dot in your first pic but nothing in the rest. The color is so pretty! I guess it's just up to you whether you can live with it or not. I know what you mean about wanting to be the one to break in a purse. :smile:

  7. I have Revealed which came from AA wrapped and brand new and at first I thought it was dirty. No, its the leather, they have this distressed looking leathers for the last few seasons as someone mention already. Enjoy your bag, if you got it for what I think you did (Amazon price was somewhere under $300), its a steal!!!
  8. I couldn't see wear in the pics, if it is that light, you should enjoy your bag, especially since you got it for a great price. You can call/email Amazon and tell them about the wear and maybe they will be nice and give you 10% off or something?
  9. I can't see much from the pictures. I think you need to decide whether the price was low enough to make the flaws ones you can live with.

    I bought the Treesje in my avatar from Amazon. Smack dab on the front of the bag there's some sort of weird dirt/leather flaw that's about the size of a quarter, but which probably isn't obvious to anyone but me. Had I paid full retail for the bag ($600!) certainly I would have returned it. As it was I paid only $130 so I was not under any circumstances going to return it even if it had come with a snake inside. It was probably a factory second.

    I once bought a white bag from Zappos that had clearly been used and abused. There were some scrapes across the front of the bag and the handles as if someone had run the bag into a concrete wall. That bag went back.
  10. Thanks so much ladies, I feel much better! :smile:
  11. Looks great to me :biggrin:

    This collection has a lot of variation in the leather and color. I'll bet that is what you're seeing.. enjoy!