could use some tPF power on Thursday....

  1. as I have my big and (hopefully) final exam (EVER??? not sure about that) coming up - my defence for my PhD. Thursday pm UK time

    leaving tomorrow for UK, having butterflies in my stomach like crazy, feeling sick already, reasonably SCARED (which my husband is laughing at but easy for him to say he already passed...), have sweaty palms, ah you know what I mean.

    also, it is the first time I am leaving my baby for about 3 days/nights - with my mum of course but still... although at the moment I am more concerned with the defence as my mother takes better care of him than I probably would :roflmfao:

    so I would appreciate if you could send collective well wishes my way - I hope it will help! :flowers:
  2. Best wishes!!! :heart:
  3. UGGGGGHHHH. I hate this feeling of unilateral focusing, the obsessive "what ifs"... If it helps any, I'm in the same boat with you: I'm waiting for a huuuuuuuge life altering result due Friday evening U.S. time....when you worry in between now and Thursday, know that you are not alone. I'm most likely worrying (sweaty palms, butterflies and all) along with you. I don't know if anxiety loves company, but here's to your Thursday, my Friday and next week (which will be better!):drinks:

    Take good care (I'm keeping my fingers crossed) and let me know how it went.... (((((hugs)))))
  4. Good luck!
  5. :tup:best of luck:tup:
  6. Good vibes and good fortune all sent your way.
  7. Good luck!
  8. Good Luck to you! Take a lucky bag with you - you'll be fine!
  9. Best of luck! :okay:
  10. aaaw i will keep my fingers crossed on one hand all day long on Thursday! ( will try and work with the other one hihi) Good luck lara i am 745823 % sure everything will go great ! :supacool:
  11. Oh Lara, I remember that feeling so well - there is nothing like a PhD viva to get that adrenaline going. I've PMed you too, but remember they never ask you what you dread them asking and you are the expert at doctoral level. You have prepared for this moment - try to enjoy it!
  12. Good luck!
  13. Good luck! I hope everything turns out great!!
  14. Good luck, hun!!!! You will do great!!!!!:tup:
  15. Good luck lara - also try to relax and enjoy a couple of uninterrupted days final study and nights sleep.