Could use some help before I try to sell my Chanel bag and wallet

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
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    I am interested in listing this bag and wallet to sell. I posted this photo in the forum that identifies it (I have no idea what's it's called). My husband bought it for me at Saks in Naples. I have carried it 3 maybe 4 times. For what we spent I would like to recover some of the $$ and sell it (both the bag and matching wallet).

    I welcome any insight and advice before I list. I was considering Ebay. I have no idea how to mark the bag in order to protect it once it leaves my hands. Should I only ship within the USA? Paypal only? Best way to ship? What should I start the price at? What is a good price to end up with? Cost of shipping with insurance? See so many questions!! I would also post it here to have it authenicated. I know lots of serious, educated buyers would welcome that as well.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Please read our rules, no one is allowed to buy or sell here. Not even in PM.
  3. I love your pieces but you could probably bring them to a consignment shop and have them sell it for you. Some shops will have postings online for a broader audience. Ebay is always good but it might be harder to get a good price unless you have a track record selling through the site.
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    Thanks for the advice...I live in a pretty small town so no worthwile consigment shops around here sadly...I sell a lot on ebay - mostly childrens custom clothes and boutique items...not high dollar bags though LOL!! I have 100% FB over there and thought it may be good place to start (over 500 feedback & I am also a power seller thanks to selling a vehicle on there a few months ago LOL!!). Still, I have reservations about it. I just don't want this to turn into a big headache (sigh).
  5. I actually second all of her questions. My mom has a number of high-end bags (Chanel and otherwise) that she'd like to sell, and I agreed to help her, but as someone mentioned it is difficult to gain traction on ebay without much of a track record there. I'd love to hear what you have to say about tp007's inquiry!
  6. I sold 2 pairs of Chanel Sunglasses Recently on ebay

    Yes both were a HUGE headache
    First sell to USA only, SOmeone from UK bid on my glasses and insisted i ship them without insurance and declare them worth 17 dollars, I refused and sent them for full insurance and he cursed me out because of customs fees...oh well, not my problem listing said USA only.

    2nd pair of sunglasses sold for Almost double what i paid, they were new and limited and very rare, Person paid right away, sent them insured for 1000 dollar value with signature on delivery tracking, He left positive feedback
    Then one day almost 2 months later i get an email saying me paypal account is negative 945 dolalrs. The person who bought them filed a claim with their insurance company for unauthorized purchase. I was so upset I called paypal and i even called the guy he said his mother must of reported unauthorized charges on the card.
    Paypal reversed it, and the issue was closed.

    Make sure you have good pictures of the items, serial number, stampings, zipper pulls, etc Make sure you insure package for full value, and SAVE every single receipt from the post office, including signature on delivery.

    I did not get screwed over, but if I didn't ship them with all the insurance and tracking I would of lost my items and my money
  7. Hi, please do a search, there are plenty of threads on some of the questions you have. Any ID questions can be posted in the Identify This Chanel thread. Check completed listings on eBay or resale sites for prices. If you need help with your listings, please post in our eBay forum.

    Please note that buying/selling/trading or soliciting for such is not permitted here.

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