could use some advice

  1. I am going to buy the silver/ black/ gunmetal signature stripe swingpack for sure.

    I already have the silver/ black/ gunmetal signature stripe wristlet (from last year), and I love it. I always regretted not buying the swingpack.

    Now, I cannot decide whether to buy the skinny mini as well. Would it be redundant to buy it in silver/ black/ gunmetal when I already have a wristlet?

    I also really like the brass/ brown/ bronze color. And I don't want to make the same mistake I did last time where I didn't buy pieces in the seasonal colors that I like.

    ...So should I buy the skinny mini in silver/ black/ gunmetal to match the swingpack and endure having it on a wristlet as well? I really want a skinny mini. Should I get one in brass/ brown/ bronze? Or should I get the skinny mini in silver/ black/ gunmetal and buy a brass/ brown/ bronze wristlet -- which would be nice because it will come with the gold tag.

    I'm so indecisive! :s
  2. I'd get the black/gunmetal mini skinny. You could use the wristlet in the swingpack and put the mini in the outside pocket with things you need quick access to, such a few $$ or ATM card.

    But I'm biased since my new mini arrived today. ;)
  3. I think the mini's are great because the swingpacks are small....if both isn't an option, why not get the brown/bronze since you have a black and gunetal wristlet?
    and besides you don't have to only use them in the matching bag... i like the bronze one better... gold tag ! :]
  4. I say go for the chocolate/bronze mini b/c the wristlet and the mini are so similar.
  5. the gold tag is only on the wristlet though
    haa, i do like the tag though