Could u pls help me find discount code from

  1. Hi, I would love to get spy bag from bluefly but I don't know where I can get discount code. Please help me. Thank you very so much :smile:

    Ohh~one more thing!!
    am 5'3 which one is better baby spy or normal spy bag?? What do u think~:heart::heart::heart:
    prodImage.jpg prodImage1.jpg
  2. Go back to home page and click on deals & steals (?) and you will then see post Bluefly codes, there should be a new one there.
  3. helloo.
    I can't find deals & steals in the first page. Where is it located? Thanks
  4. Would it be better to get this bag from Jomashop? They are much cheaper. Not sure what discount is offered on bluefly though. Do a search of the forum. Look for 'bluefly code', something should come up.

    The baby denim spy bag is currently on Jomashop for 773 USD

    The large one was 951 USD but is currently out of stock.

    You might want to email Jomashop. Their prices went up recently. Not sure if these bags went up as well. You might want to ask them what is up with that. You ?might? get it for less but I doubt it as it has been a few days. If it was increased by difference I am sure it would have been corrected by now. But no harm asking.