Could this person be serious or scamming?

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  1. Someone just mailed me that the reason my item is not selling is that it is being sold in the factory shop for £xxx. They say it has been overproduced and I need to lower my price by at leat £xxx to have any chance of selling.

    I really don't want to go any lower for one but I'm also weary to lower any price and then see this person snap it up.

    My item is an exotic, certainly quite special compared to the normal output of the brand, I can't really imagine them bringing out 150 of them.
  2. Ignore them...
  3. Exactly!
  4. if it was true, she would not bother writing you but would buy it from the outlet. She wants yours cheap..
  5. have you blocked this person
  6. Not blocked them, never remember you can do that. I will do it right now :tup:
  7. Either they wanted to let you know something that they know in the hopes of your being able to sell it successfully or they are a troublesome potential buyer. I would block just in case it's the latter. Don't listen to anyone if you don't want to...your item will sell in time. Not everyone knows about the factory shop sale or willing to go there, so Ebay is their next option. So you're good. :yes:
  8. I get them all the time. I tell them to hurry up and go get it right now at the factory store before it sells out. That shuts them up.

    I specialize in hard to find bags. Sometimes I buy something and it goes to outlet before I list it. Then I have to wait it out for the outlet bags to disappear.

    Just a chance we take.

    That's why I have a store.
  9. Blocking bidders is my new best friend on the bay, LOL.
  10. Tell her if she can get it cheaper at an outlet, then she's welcome to buy it there.
  11. Sounds like someone just wants to dupe an honest seller.. :s
  12. yes, ignore her, or, like the others said, suggest that she buys it at the outlet.
  13. To help flush out people like this, as others said, ignore them. Also, go into your eBay buyer preferences. Block anyone without a paypal account, block anyone with 2 strikes over 12 months, block anyone with -1 or equivalent feedback. You could also block anyone with 3 or more violations within 12 months. In your listings say I don't end early and I don't sell direct so please don't ask me to do that. Once you have done that, the number of dodgy bidders you get will drop dramatically.
  14. Could be a scam, but honestly I've done that once.
    This one seller was a selling a bag for about 3 times what it was on sale for in department stores. I'm currently in college town and dont have regular access to those stores, but I know it's price from going back home. Anyway, I e-mailed the seller, and told him that the reason the bag is not selling for 2 months is because he wants regular price, where everywhere else its on sales already. Well, he actually thanked me and lowered the price. I didn't buy it because it was still more than in stores, but I think someone else finally did.