Could this be used as a checkbook??

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  1. Could the jotter be used as a checkbook. It has 2 slits on both sides so I was thinking I could remove the plain white paper & slide my checks into one of the slits & put my credit cards in the cc holders. It seems to me that it would work as the role of a checkbook. What do you all think?
  2. It could work, but do you think it would be too bulky when you carry it around in your bag? If not, I say try it out.
  3. No Coach stores in VA carries the only choice I have is to order online & try it out if it doesn't work I'll just return it.
  4. no you can't sorry.

    hope you didn't order it (but you can always return!)

    i've seen that b/c my manager ordered it. and it fits that tiny notepad we sell for 3.00? ask a SA to show you and then picture the jotter slightly bigger and you get the idea.
  5. Thanks...I haven't ordered it yet. I guess I'll have to spend alittle more & when I can afford it get the LV one. I would love to get Coach but I just want the checkbook not the whole wallet & everything, even though in the Coach checkbook/wallet it is removable I just don't want to waste the wallet part.
  6. Call a store if they have it ask one of the s/a's to try it.
  7. I wanted the same thing. I bought the checkbook wallet at the outlet but returned it because I knew that I wouldn't use it.

    I called the 1800 number and they had the checkbook covers for sale. They only have mini sig though. I think that they were $98, but don't hold me to that.

  8. I use the 4x7 agenda as a checkbook/planner. I also didn't want to buy the whole checkbook wallet, but also needed an agenda. My checkbook fits perfectly in the pocket on the back flap (where the address book is). I don't use the address book so it works pretty well in terms of size and weight. The outlets usually have agendas too. The outlet here in San Marcos, CA has the brown mini sig 4x6 available for around $97.00.

    This is the one I use and have been using for the past 3 months now:
  9. thanks for the ideas everyone. I'll call & see if they will sell just the checkbook if not I may get an agenda.
  10. LOLAA! I went through a similiar situation, but I wound up getting an LV checkbook cover -- they have several styles.