Could this be real? Not an authenticity ?


Feb 13, 2007
My friend's friend knows an employee from SAKS who sells Chanel and Balenciaga purses for 20% less. According to my friend, the saks employee uses her employee discount to purchase bags for them but once purchased, bags cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. I wonder how many bags each employee is allowed to purchase each year using the employee discount. Has anyone ever bought a bag from an employee using the employee discount?


Chanel fever
Oct 19, 2006
I haven't done it personally, though I'd love to. I had a friend who was friends with a Saks SA (they used to work together). She bought a LV speedy using this friend's employee discount, I think it was 30%. I know "friend of a friend" sounds a little removed, but I was there with her when she made the arrangements and witnessed the whole transaction. The whole time I was hoping one of them would offer to hook me up too, lol :smile:


Hermès Hottie
Jun 17, 2009
i think..
its horrible if a SA buys the bag and resells is to someone for 20% less. (earning them 10% of the value of the purchase.

its not horrible if a SA let's a friend/family member use their discount.


Dec 27, 2005
It is not worth taking the risk. What if this so called person sold fakes? It could be done. Another thing is if there was a defect say a month later- you have no receipt or anything to get it taken care of. I also thought Saks stopped giving their employee discounts in LV and Chanel since they were outside vendors. Saks does pay attention to what the employees buy and this would raise a red flag if a SA was making multiple purchases. I would pass on this one.


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
I've worked in electronics and while I never did it, I had co-workers who would buy TVs with our discounts and then turn around and resell them to friends, making a $100 or so profit. At one company it was considered cheating the system and you could get fired, at my last company, it was severely frowned upon, but we had a "Friends and Family" website that our F&F could buy from under our accounts, so it wasn't unexpected. I've never traded my discount either, but if someone asked me to and I got something in exchange for it, like their discount, I wouldn't be opposed to it. I guess I see it as you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. I know companys make their profits from customers, so I'm not saying I'd offer every Tom, Dick and Harry my discount, but heck, if someone who worked at LV wanted a new TV & I wanted a new bag then I wouldn't turn it down. That's just me though. What's the difference between me getting a discounted TV for my aunt or getting it for someone I barely know? We used to have the people who worked at Oakley come over to our store ALL the time and give us their discount (75% off!!!) for sunnies and we'd help them out with discounts, or when we took products off display, we'd hold whatever it was that they wanted for them. Worked well for us!