Could this be Possible Scam...

  1. I recently sold a Brocade Work to a ebayer with 0 feedback. First she asked me for more pictures, then she asked me to send all the proof for its authenticity, and then asked me how to return if it is not authentic. That is not uncommon as many of us also want to do whatever possible to make sure what we are paying for is authentic:shrugs: But what is strange is that, she has so many doubts of it not being authentic, and yet still went ahead and paid for the bag with a CASHIER CHECK. Then as expected she did email me after receiving it and told me that my bag is not authentic, because it is missing the documentations I showed in my listing. She accused me of not sending the style card and controllato card. I put all the tags with the extra tassel in the front pocket, there is no way I have not send it because I double checked 3 times before sending the bag that I have included them.

    All my auctions have money back guarantee within 3 days of receipt, with any reason not only authentic question. I am just really upset that she has to use this excuse to return the bag, and it is not even correct because I have sent all the tags that comes with the bag!! Now I am worry that she is trying to scam me, by either switching the bag or just taking the documentations from it. As she kept telling me that I have not sent them :wtf:

    Any suggestions? :crybaby:
  2. well... I'd take the return, and refund her the money, but not until after you have received it back and checked to make sure it's the same, unworn, and the same bag most of all.

    if the tags were with the bag when you sent it- they should also be there when it comes back. I wouldnt back down from that. if she wants to return it- let her know you'll take it, but only if she also returns the tags and accessories.
  3. Be very careful! This sounds like a possible scam to me! Do not refund her anything until you are 100% positive that it is the same bag that you sent out!
  4. I think something "fishy" is definitely going on with her! Glad it wasn't done via Paypal though!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted!
  5. Yes I told her that I take return within 3 days no matter what reason, but it has to be in the same condition and comes back with everything that was sent along. Funny thing is she kept saying that I didn't include the tags, but didn't say anything about the extra tassel that should be in the same place with the tags :confused1:
  6. Thank you mocean, colleen and zacorey for the valuable inputs, I will definitly keep you posted after I receive the bag :s