could this be how marigold will look like?

  1. i just got a new camera and was testing out the 'colour switch' function in my camera right before i sleep and voila! look what i've discovered! i can change the colour of my red city to whichever colour i want!!!!

    so i played around and tried to see if i can get a sample of how the marigold city will look like since many fellow tPfers are psyching themselves up for this colour!

    there you go! :p


    okay this may be a little too pale for marigold but i think it's a nice shade of mustard! :graucho:

    then i tried to 'visualise' how the violet city would look like..

    not the best shot i'm sorry! the lighting's abit bad i'll try to take a better shot tmr!

    and an ocean city which i was rooting out for..
    okay apologies it looked a little too green but it might just be my monitor cos it looked like ocean on my camera LCD :sweatdrop:

    this is so exciting!!! i think marigold is gonna look GORGEOUS!!!!
  2. LOL, nice trick :smile: The first 2 colors are yummmmmmy :yes:
  3. OMG! the marigold city:drool:
  4. LOL, this is so cute. I'm HOPING the marigold looks like that! :nuts:
  5. If the Marigold looks like your second picture I would really want one!!! :drool:
  6. I think that the marigold will look a lot like the middle picture you posted. I have only seen photos from the lookbooks, but the color appeared to be a deep mustard.
  7. Great pics, sillygooose! Thank you. ;)
  8. What a cool feature! Thanks for sharing the pics. From Luisaviaroma's pics I think the second picture is pretty close to what marigold will look like.
    Can't wait to see that colour in person!
  9. I agree - the BalNY pics that I saw at the trunk show look closest to the middle yellow pic. I can't wait for my yellow Day! :heart:
  10. marigold is going to be a fun color, thanks for posting the pics!