Could this be converted to just a bracelet?

  1. As some of you know, I always like to play around with my accessories, ie. put the fruit fob on the apple skinny. Can this be converted into just a bracelet? If you take of the cell fob part? And if so do you think this would look good as is?

  2. I think that would be adorable as a bracelet. I say go for it. :smile:
  3. pretty clever!!!!! i say go for it too!!! :yes:
  4. Don't know how to go about the conversion aspect of thatr, but I think it would look adorable!
  5. yep! I know tons of girls purchase them for that exact reason.
  6. That would be so cute! I may have to steal this idea. I know you can take the cell phone part off. I wanted to buy a fruit keychain but they only had the cell phone one. I just took off the cell phone part, it has a little ring that makes it easy to get off.
  7. Sprinkles, what other bracelets have your customers used?

    anotheremptysky! we should so do this and be bracelet buds LOL.
  8. The bracelet lanyards are seriously so popular for this- especially the recent girlie one!

  9. I think that it would be perfect for a bracelet. Great idea.:yes:
  10. Aren't they coming out w/ a bracelet w/ the buttons. I thought I saw them in the look book. They might not dangle but I could have sworn I saw it. But that lanyard does make for a really cute bracelet & it's cheaper.
  11. Oh you mean the enamel is linked with the bracelet chain instead of the above dangling from the chain? I'm just thinking though I have one of those evil eye bracelets from macys, would this be like a repeat..
  12. The one I'm talking about is a bangle & it has the Coach buttons all along it. The buttons aren't loose like above they are actually attached to the bangle.
    Sprinkles or Ms-Whitney should know for sure.
  13. There's actually a really over the top bracelet coming out as well as a matching necklace with "button type" circles on it with the signature :smile:
  14. Maybe that's the one...I just remember the buttons.
  15. I did this with my cell loop bracelet from last year, and it looks really cute.

    There will be a line of jewelry coming out at the end of October, though--enameled bracelets and hoop earrings.