Could This Be Britney's New Man ?...... Do We Care ?

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  3. Wow ! This guy takes his job seriously...jeez

  4. looks like a handler to me. . . sticking his hand out to "protect" her and all:lol:
  5. OK! We posted at the same time! I wa stalkig about the first sets of photos! Not the hotel wacko :lol:

  6. :p Haha
  7. OMG those pics are hilarious! I love following all of Brit's wig 'dos.
  8. Britney has gone from Pop Diva to Comedy!!
  9. i really hope she can get her life back together. I feel sad for her.
  10. wow that first guy is gross..looks like he's wearing a wig himself:sick:
  11. she looks :throwup:
  12. I think its been confirmed it's one of her bodygaurds.
  13. That first guy is wearing his sunglasses over his hair, I hate that look!!!
  14. Not sure which one is greasier...eeww!
  15. She looks ridiculous with that rag on her head!!
    I found this yesterday:


    It must be the mustache! Remember back in May of last year (May 18, 2006 to be exact), Britney had a little slip up and nearly dropped baby Sean Preston? AND do you remember who saved the day? Brit's security guard with the porn star stache! The guy saving (attempting to) Sean Preston was her security guard. Now whether Britney is romantically tied to him is still unclear, though from my personal opinion I highly doubt it. X17 is reporting his name to be John Sundahl, a successful real estate agent. (remember that part)