could this be barenia?

  1. or some other with a blindstamp instead of embossing? (i don't know a heck of a lot about leathers -- the only bags i have are chevre (though a togo might be showing up next month:whistle: )

  2. dq - the colour of that blindstamp is called 'marron'. It was available at my store last week for monogramming. I don't know if the bag is Barenia, though.,.....looks too 'unscratched" to me, and in the first pic it doesn't seem like the barenia I've encountered, but I may be completely incorrect!
  3. thanks GF -- i've never seen the stuff in person . . . guess i'll have to buy a barenia belt or something so i can get familiar with it! thought this might be a good find for someone if it were, though.
  4. it would! dq, you've got to see barenia in person...the smell alone will make you swoooooon........
  5. It seems a bit light in color and thin in texture for it to be Barenia. It almost looks like natural Chamonix to me due to the sheen and color.
  6. It doesn't look line Barenia to me, actually it looks like Box in Natural or Caramel (I don't think Gold). In light brown leathers Hermes uses the heat stamping process not the gold embossing to stamp the bags. Its rather like branding! My vintage caramel Kelly has the same kind of stamp, and so does a large backpack I have (dont know name of style) which is in caramel Fjord.
  7. ^this is heatstamping with marron leaf.........

    Just want to add my two cents, since I spent an inordinate amount of time lingering next to the craftsman at my store of late, and they kindly explained to me in great detail all about the blindstampling and embossing/monogramming (they obviously thought I wanted to know - that's why I was hanging around them for so long....:upsidedown: )...and I DID want to know, it's fascinating....

    OK, Hermes "blindstamping" is when no leaf (or colour) of any kind is used....the craftsmen have the little letters/numbers and they use a hammer to impress these into the leather for the year/their personal id.
    'Heatstamping" is what they do for all the other things...the Hermes Paris made in France logo, the monogramming, things like this. They heat the "stamp", nad pressit repeatedly onto the leather, THEN they add the leaf...when I was there he had available gold, silver, marron, noir (black), and rouge h. On some natural leathers they DO just stamp and not colour - you've all seen this on some bags, but THIS bag that DQ had posted (nice bag, too) is stamped in Marron - you can see the colour, especially in the pic of the shoulder-strap.
  8. Thank you Grands Fonds, fascinating, I always knew the two were different but clearly I never really knew how. Cool! I love this Hermes stuff with how they do things, its what makes this brand the one and only!
  9. yes, GF, fascinating -- thanks.:flowers: i didn't realize there was anything other than either gold or silver leaf or nothing at all, and i also didn't know that heat wasn't used for some. (i just thought maybe the die was very hot and cooked the leather to a darker color.)

    i do wonder that leather this is -- isn't it a little too slouchy for box?

    i :heart: this place!

    edited to add: notice the sale stamp? how come there's never a bolide at the hermes sales i get to attend? :cursing:
  10. hey, no problems!! who'd have thought my lingering around the vert-eyed craftsmen for soooo long would've paid off with extra knowledge!!:lol:
  11. that's ok - at my store the only thing marked down at the sale are the bloody watches.......
  12. K, thanks for this explanation!:flowers: You are a wealth of H knowledge!
  13. god no - I'm the masters (Hermesgroupie) apprentice!!

    LOL - so while I'm staring at the craftsman, and he's talking in broken French (I understand some French), and the manager is translating the rest....I'm gazing at him murmering "uh huh....yes......uh huh.....mmmm" - I ACTUALLY took something in!!!! So the information transfer works, even when you're least expecting it!!

    The craftsman was probably thinking.."gee, this woman is really interested in the stamping process....."
  14. ^^heheh.. Yup.. the stamping process.. :graucho:
  15. Lol