Could this be authentic?

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  1. I am so new to LV. . . please don't make fun of me (too much =)

    Could this be real?

    eBay listing

    Here are the photos he sent me. . . .

  2. i've never seen that before. try posting it in authenticate this.
  3. Welcome to TPF! We have a special thread dedicated specially for authentication, please repose this thread to Authentic forum (the very top portion when you click in LV forum).
  4. Indeed. Please post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" in the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section.

    This bag is the red Squichy. I have a feeling this is a scam. The seller provides NO pictures, has ZERO feedback, low price, and the auction has 1 day to go. Sounds fishy... :s
  5. at first glance, i thought the plate was miroir pochette! lol, but i think it's something start w/ S. However i wouldn't bid on it, the seller seems very risky to me.
  6. WOW - ZERO feedback and people have bid up to $400 - say buh bye to that $$
  7. DONT GET IT! the squichy was (i think) in the thousands in retail. this is a scam!
    i dont think they even made this..?

    (gosh NYRIA! you look just like jessica simpson in your pic!... in a good way!)
  8. Damn John, you are on it :wlae:
  9. This bag was actually produced.
  10. Yes maam, she does. But, can you look like Jessica Simpson in a bad way? lol (off topic...sorry...lashes w/ a wet noodle.)
  11. WOW - thanks - someone else told me this before too - I didn't even really like this pic (now I do) - hee hee

    Sorry - :back2topic:
  12. I agree that is suppose be a squichy, but this looks like it was made from material (fabric), the squichy should be like vernis, but thinner.
  13. Welcome to tPF, Rally. In the future, please post all authenticity related Qs in the sticky provided. Thank you.
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