Could this be a *spring* bag? ..... maybe?

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  1. Hi!

    I have a couple questions about the 07 Scarf print.. lol, again.

    Did it come out in the fall?


    Could this be used as a spring bag? I have the wristlet and and its really pretty with the green and the white and the tan... and thats kinda springy, right?? kinda???

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  2. Absolutely!!! I actually bought this same tote last year around springtime and eventually just chickened out of using it so I returned it, but I kick myself every time I see it! Its beautiful, especially since if you are not a pastel-color person, like me - light neutrals are perfect, especially in this print and material.
  3. That could definitely be used as a spring bag!!
  4. It could be used as a Spring Bag, but I see it more as a fall bag...

    I see more bright colors (yellows, pinks, light blue) as spring bags, but I wouldn't see someone holding that bag and think "ohh why is she using her FALL bag in SPRING?!" KWIM?
  5. Ahh, who cares... just wear it if you like it... and I LOVE that one!
  6. I had the other one, the ergo hobo and I loved it, I loved the colors but I was afraid of her and sold her lol.

    My friend had that one and I think she's VERY pretty! Like Tara said wear what ya love!
  7. lol, thanks ladies!!!

    I was kinda thinking that it would be fine for a while!!! I love the colors in this print!

    I'm just so confused on what bag to get next... A bigger green hobo? The 07 scarf print shoulder bag? a green madeline (who is a bit too much $ for me right now.....)??? I just dont know!

    I know one day I'll get them all, but which one will be first?? LOL!!!

    Oh, what a life i live.. ha ha.. :P
  8. Not fall.... I bought mine in early summer. I thought I bought it the week it came out, but donnalynn above said she had one in spring.

    Hopefully you get one soon.
  9. I think it is beautiful and can be used in spring! I use my blue/khaki/brown/white/etc scarf print bag in colder months so why can't you use that one in spring! I think it is lovely!!!
  10. Of course, I think it would look great year around!