could this be a scam?

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  1. i recently had an expensive handbag for sale, and set my listing up to only ship within the united states.

    the winning bidder had only registered the day they bid on the bag (and changed names twice so far), so there is no feedback to browse through. they paid via paypal, and while the shipping address is in the united states, the paypal shipping invoice shows the buyer as a non-us verified buyer and with a russian email.

    could this be a scam of sort? yes, i'm paranoid probably, but i'm really tentative as to ship the bag and potentially lose out on hundreds of dollars.

    thanks for your help ladies.
  2. You should be ok as long as it shows "eligible for seller protection" when you go to print your shipping label. Most likely the address is a freight forwarding service here in the US which will then ship the bag to her. I have had several overseas buyers that use those services and never had a problem.
  3. I personally would not sell to anyone with 0 feedback.
  4. I'm sure glad my first seller didn't feel that way!

    You certainly have the right to sell to whoever you want and to avoid whoever you want but you can't block newbies.

    We all started with 0 feedback and unless there are other red flags, I've found that newbies are among my best buyers.
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    Just my preference.
    Although I must add that it has less to do with newbies or non-newbies, rather with a company that does virtually nothing to protect its sellers against scams. I'd rather take my chances with an expensive item on someone who has enough fb to verify that they havent scammed b4 or have bought high priced items b4.

    And yes you can block newbies.. Manually.