Could this be a real spy?

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  1. I've had my eye on this one for a few weeks--she took it off and then re-listed it--I think it looks real, but somewhere on this blog a list of Fendi spys was shown, and it showed the python with brown handles. I just really love this bag, but I was just ripped off on E-Bay--I'm a newbie and was over-anxious, so I don't want to make another mistake. What do you all think?

    On the positive side, my new spy from Saks just arrived today--the cherry brown corduroy leather and I'm in love! It's just so obvious the difference now with the fake--everything about it is perfect, and the leather is buttery soft. I'm surprised that the hologram is a sticker, though, even on the real bag--but it's affixed much more firmly than on my fake one!

    Anyway, what do you think about this one (below). Could it be authentic? Isn't it gorgeous?

    eBay: fabulous ,rare 100%authentic python spy bag (item 290028162611 end time Sep-16-06 13:58:01 PDT)
  2. looks real to me.:yes:
  3. Yip its real, She had it listed at £800 to start with though and then put it up to £1000 the last time it was listed. It put loads of people off as a result.
  4. Thanks guys! Now I have a decision to make. :smile:
  5. It looks real, but the price is very low. I would email her and ask her questions about it. See if you can call the Fendi store and find out what the lining is supposed to look like.
    She did receive one neutral feedbag, I ran her user name thru

    entire back collar seam was ripped and coat showed slight dirt at cuffs.
    Buyer kittykisscats( 537) Nov-22-05 08:48 5441181292
    Reply by jewish_princess_boutique: coat was perfect when it was packed as for dirt?? WHY DIDNT U EMAIL ME?? Nov-22-05 10:44

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  6. Well, I took the plunge, I bought the python spy! I'll let you all know whether I just made a huge mistake or got a great deal!!
  7. ^^ OMG - YAY!!! Congrats
  8. congrats - it's a gorgeous spy!!!
  9. I'm really into python lately, congrats on your beautiful Python Spy!:smile:
  10. Thanks! I'm excited and hopeful. Chrissie says she never took hers out because it rains all the time in England--is python not water-proof? Any suggestions on how to care for it?
  11. :yahoo: It looks GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS!!!:flowers:
  12. Lovely. Congrats!
  13. In the future, please only use our Authenticate This! sticky provided specifically for authenticity questions.
    Congrats on the bag!
  14. SwankyMama--I'm sorry--I'm new and didn't take the time to read the FAQs most likely--won't do it again!:noggin: However--isn't that thread closed now? What should we do at this point....

    Thanks for all the congrats--I'm *so* excited! :smile:
  15. wow, i've never seen that style, congrats! :biggrin:
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