Could this be a bag from this years winter collection?

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  1. I was browsing some fashion blogs and came across this girls blog, and she mentions that its a ponyhair Coach tote? Is this an older tote or do you think this is part of the winter collection for this year?? Anyone know? Its gorgeous! :drool:

  2. Interesting! I have no idea myself... was there a date on the blog post?
  3. This bag came out the end of August...not sure about the date, but no it is not part of the winter collection.
  4. I think it is a Mia Carryall. I thought I saw that pattern at Dillard's.
  5. Yeah the date of the blog post was just the other day...
  6. O ok, thanks! Must've missed seeing that one.
  7. It's the Hamptons Haircalf Carryall 15412 $1400. It's still on the website.
  8. I love the shoes! Too bad the heels are too high.
  9. Gorgeous bag!!!! And I usually shy away from animal prints!
  10. Is that Karla's Closet?