Could the Keepall 55 be used as a large tote?

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  1. I was considering my possible purchase, but don't actually do a lot of travelling. Does the keepall 55 compare to the Work or Voyage Balenciaga, enough to be used as an oversized tote? Would any of you ladies care to share a phtot of you with your keepall so I couls get an idea of the size? Thanks again for the help!:love:
  2. Pity I just sold my Keepall 55. It was HUGE (for me at least). Great travel bag but the bottom was plagued with stains and loose stitching thanks to the baggage handlers.
  3. I think the Keepall 55 would not be a good choice for an everyday tote because that thing is huge/bulky and this is coming from a person who only carries big bags. I use mine specifically for traveling as a carryon. It is much bigger than the Balenciaga Weekender, which I use sometimes as a work tote. You're better off with the Weekender.
  4. Keepall 55 is great for travels but I wouldn't use it as a large tote. It's really big and much heavier than a weekender or work.
  5. I ditto the above comment. How about a carryall and buy a strap?
  6. ummm, i think it would be a tad too big.
  7. Even with a strap I think it's way too big - and I'm a 6' guy who loves big bags (I use a cabas alto daily).
  8. I wonder how/why would you want to strap that NICE carryall?

    Anyway, Keepall 55 is WAY too big to carry daily. Using it as luggage or carry on is still BIG to me. I would not recommended it at all!

  9. I have 50 and it's too huge to carry as a tote.
  10. I agree here, both the 50 & 55 would be way too big as totes. The Speedy 35 or 40 would be the biggest bag of that type I would carry as an everyday bag. Neither have straps though and won't fit over the shoulder.