Could the Fendi Spy be the next iconic bag to be re-released?


Apr 19, 2021
It seems like we're starting to see a few more satchel/hobo bags on the runways, with all the iconic 1990s-2000s era bags being re-released, could the Fendi Spy be one of the next to get a makeover? I personally would love to see a smaller Spy bag with the iconic secret compartments. You can pick these bags up on the resale market for insane prices right now so I've been buying a few that make my heart sing :biggrin:

Here's the first one I got. I love the baby size and bright purple handles. I know this style of bag isn't exactly "in" at the moment, but the craftsmanship on these bags blows me away, especially for the prices you see on the resale market. To be honest I've gone a little bit overboard and have a few more more variations on the way:eek:



Apr 19, 2021
I honestly don't know, but I hope it will be rereleased! It's a beautiful bag. Love the handles. Totally understandable that you bought more than one, when the price is so good it's hard to resist :haha:
An authentic Fendi bag in leather & Zucca for $250-$500, that’s basically free! :lol:With the way prices are going I bet a reissued bag would be at least $5k.


Oct 13, 2020
I just purchased two Preowned Fendi Spy bags. One from TRR The Real Real and one from Fashionphile. I wasn't into bags when they first came on the scene. I also couldn't afford them. But now it is love at first sight! My boyfriend was like wow! Beautiful Bag!
I really think they will comeback, since the "bags of the early aughts" are making a comeback. I am so happy they are too. I love big bags and the tiny trend just wasn't practical. I am 48 and I feel you. I carry bags like wearable art, and don't follow trends the way I used to.

The Nappa leather is so supple. When I saw them I had to have them. Come to think of it, I purchased an Ann Taylor Loft bag that looked very close to this and loved it back in the day!

This is my first post on TPF. My name is Heather and it is great to meet you fendigal. Plus forgive a newbie her faux pas!

My collection of early aughts purses I love to carry asides from the spy, the Chloe Paddington, Paraty, and Marcie; LV Speedy 35's in Monogram, DE and Black Epi. Gucci Joy Bostons in Navy, Red and Dark Brown; Prada Galleria in black.

But the Spys are royalty. The woven handles, the supple nappa leather! Cannot beat it!

It is great to meet the TPF's. You guys are my heros! I have learned so much on this site!
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The Minimalist
Oct 11, 2006
I used to have a baby Spy in the colour Cognac, back when my love for Fendi was growing and I wasn't so obsessed with black bags. I remember buying it in store for $1,600AUD and sold it to someone for $800AUD, which was a massive loss back then, but these current pre-loved prices seem reasonable for the moment. I would be interested to see how much they retail for if they end up being re-released. They were quite eye-catching bags at the time as I remember a woman stopping to complement me on the bag. One thing is for certain - the texture and finish of the leather was unlike anything I have seen or felt on a bag before.
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