Could someone tell me about the Ink Balenciaga

  1. :wlae: Hello, I am trying to find out about Ink Balenciaga. I am sorry but I know nothing about these bags, so reading as much as I can. I have found a Ink Balenciaga on ebay in Ink 320038876557 I think its authentic but what I wanted to know was is the colour Ink a dark Blue,( any Fendi lovers like the Petrol Spy) or is it a light blue. It looks dark in the picture which is a colour I really like as goes so well with jeans. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Saich, we have the same taste! Ink is my favorite color (so far). My first Balenciaga was an Ink First, and I just bought an Ink City. The color is a deep dark "inky" night blue, and in certain lights it looks like a deep purply blue.

    The one on ebay is authentic, and is by the same seller who sold me my Ink First. Great seller.

    The Ink color is nothing like the Petrol Spy. The Petrol has a lot of green and some greys in the blue (hence the petrol name). The Ink has more purples and black. Also, unlike the Petrol, and all other Spys generally, many (not all) Balenciaga colors, including this Ink you're looking at, have veining in the color, meaning they're not a solid color but have some highlights and lowlights in the color. You may recall the brown one you asked about, you thought the leather was carved. The veining in the color is what made that bag look "carved".

    Ink is just a gorgeous, gorgeous color! Go for it!
  3. my favorite color as well. i am quite obsessed with ink actually. indoors it can look almost black, but in certain lights it is a navy blue and purple mix. it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
  4. Totally agree with Decophile! Ink is also my all time favorite color. It seems to change with the lighting conditions but it is always a darker color and definitely not like Petrol. You must try ink, it's the best!
  5. Saich, look at my thread today with pics of my new Ink City. That shows the color pretty well, although the leather is not as veiny and a little different from the leather in listing you're looking at. I think both are gorgeous.
  6. Thanks everyone especially Deco. This bag does look really lovely. I saw your bit about a Ink leather coat, boots and chair made me laugh. Funny its from the same seller that sold you your first Balenciaga, they seem very nice as emailed them to see what the postage was to England also if their was a receipt which their is. Now to think if to go for it or the Chloe.
  7. Saich, I just posted new thread with pics of an Emerald Green First. Take a look as it's a great example of the veiny kind of leather. To me it looks like marble... just gorgeous! The Ink City you're looking at is marbled although maybe not as much as my green.
  8. hey saich.. heres my ink city.. i think the color is pretty accurate in these pics , for my bag anyway.. these bags tend to look bluer or more purple depending on the light, and from bag to bag as well.. its really a great color.. destined to be a collectors color some day, i believe.
    i think of it as that great sky color after sunset just before the sky goes black! or a bic pen! lol

    good luck!
    x.jpg xx.jpg
  9. ^holy moly, toni, that is one... gorgeous... ink city!!!! WOW!
  10. ^^thank you.. i got it from a great ebay gal.. the story goes she bought it from Barneys new york when they first came out.. and picked this one out of 12... she was looking for an extra soft smooth.. i think she found it! then she put it away, never to be used. eventually she put it up on ebay back in Feb.. i did the BIN in the middle of the night.. sometimes it pays to have insomnia!!!
  11. no kidding! that's an outstanding ink city, and that's saying a lot...
  12. Thats a really lovely bag Toni22 I have to say I like this colour best very classey. Thanks everyone for your help
  13. Hi, Could anyone tell me what sort of prices these go for on ebay.As I have no idea about these bags have not followed any of the auctions. Looking at a Ink bag at the moment its over $900 and still has 3 days to run. If anyone could give me a rough idea would be grateful. Thanks
  14. Prices are almost like retail for ink. You might find one for 200$ less but it doesn't get cheaper. I just love my ink city it's such a versatile colour.
  15. How much is retail, sorry I told you I know nothing about these bags now if it was Fendi or Dior would know but not Balenciaga