Could someone show me or explain to me...

  1. the difference between a Marc by Marc Jacob's nameplate/tag and a Collection nameplate/tag. I am obviously not an MJ expert, but I'm starting to fall in love and want to learn more. TIA!
  2. Marc by Marc or high end Marc Jacobs just to be sure Pictures will help? or PM
  3. I am not totally sure about the name plate differences, but the label for a Marc by Marc product will have the "Marc" in white and the "Jacobs" in dark gray on a black background. Marc Jacobs collection will always be "Marc Jacobs" in black type on a white background. Likewise with the dust bags. If the bag is Marc by Marc the "Marc" will be gray and the "Jacobs" will be black. With MJ collection it will be "Marc Jacobs" in all black.
  4. If you check the leather variations thread, you'll see photos of several Collection nameplates.
  5. Thanks for answering my questions! I asked just before leaving for vacation, hence the delay in my thanks.