Could someone post a pic of a small luxe ligne bowler?

  1. Does anyone on here own one? I would love to see a pic of someone wearing it. TIA
  2. I LOVE the small bowler. I almost had an off white a few weeks ago but it was damaged :crybaby:. Here's a pic of the small, medium and large for reference:
    Luxury Ligne Bags.jpg
  3. You know what, there is a pic of a member holding a small bowler. Do a search and you'll find it - it's gorgeous :tender:.
  4. Thanks! I am on my sidekick right now so and I have tried searching for the post with the pic but can't find it. Can anyone help me by posting the link? Thanks and also...does anyone know the price of the small bag..TIA!
  5. O/T: I used to be able to log on with my sidekick but I can't do it anymore. Do you have the sidekick 2 or 3? And do you have trouble logging on at all?

  6. I have an sk3 and the board works great for me but somtimes I can't see attached pics:smile:
  7. You're welcome. Are you getting one? If so, what color?

  8. I looked at the medium one at Saks the other day but I am more of a fan of smaller bags. I haven't seen the small one in person. I need to call the 800 # to see if they can locate it. I am worried that the chain will make it heavy..I hate bags that are heavy even when they are empty. I like the pink or black though:smile:
  9. I didn't think that bag was heavy at all. Actually, when you have it in your hands all you can think about is how soft and gorgeous it is :tender:. I really love everything about the small bowler but I don't think they're making it again, unless they come out with one in their spring/summer line. It's not included in the cruise line :crybaby:.
  10. There is a red one in my NM in SF. When you say pink, do you mean the coral color?

  11. Yeah Coral:smile: