Could someone please update on the status of Chanel Coco Cabas as of February?

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  1. Ladies (and the few Gents who stalk the Chanel board!),

    I've been bitten HARD by the Coco Cabas bug...I'm searching for the original Cabas in black or khaki, as well as the baby cabas in the same colors. Has anyone seen them either of these lately? I really hope they are not discontinued. FYI, not interested in the denim cabas.

    Please let me know! TIA!

    Cheers :flowers:
  2. So guess what, even if you aren't able to get an original one from the previous seasons....CHANEL has said they are reissuing the cabas for fall/winter 2007. So all is not lost, there is still
  3. Thank you for sharing!
    You're such a great help to everyone of us :flowers:
  4. You're great CHANELBOY!:yes:
  5. Great! Better off this way so I can actually SAVE to buy one :smile:

    Cheers, Chanelboy! :flowers:
  6. Try calling Bergdorf Goodman in NYC - they're getting some black Coco Cabas' in the April/May time frame.
  7. That's GREAT news. :yahoo: Chanelboy, do you have any news as to what colors will be reissued for fall/winter 2007? Also, are they reissuing the baby khaki cabas for fall/winter 2007?
  8. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know!;)
  9. I do not know any of that info yet. I will be sure to fill everyone in once I know.
  10. That's great news! I would love it if they released the Baby Cabas in a dark white or a red.:love:
  11. If anyone still interested, spoke to Bergdorf's, the fall Cabas will be in wine and black and will be patent leather and not vinyl. List not open yet.

  12. I assume this is only for the original size cabas not the baby?
    The wine in patent leather sounds gorgeous!
    I am also excited about the black patent leather since I like the look of the vinyl but always wished it was patent leather.:yes:
  13. Wow, that sounds fantastic!! Will there be caviar leather Cabas as well?

    Still wondering if they'll be reissuing the Baby Cabas again, I think that would be nicer with my petite frame...

    Cheers, Fadamo! :flowers: